Friday, July 31, 2009

Animal Alphabet Prints

I first found these adorable alphabet prints at a store in Manhattan Beach called Waterleaf which just started carrying childrens furniture, bedding and artwork. This wonderful home decor store picked up some of the best lines that we carried at Sprout after we closed including: Newport Cottages, Rickshaw Design Bedding, Serena & Lily Bedding, Netto Collection. The designers at Waterleaf framed the prints between two panes of glass with a rustic 1" weathered grey frame.

During the same week while shopping in Brentwood at the Brentwood County Market I stopped into an adorable childrens store called the Poppy Store and found the same prints on their walls. They had more of the alphabet prints but this time framed in a 1" white frame with a linen matte. Now that these prints had been following me around Los Angeles, I had to find the source. And I FOUND IT!

The prints can be purchased on Etsay from Strawberry Luna . The prints are $15 each! I loved the way both stores framed the artwork but now that the prints can be purchased separately the possibilities are endless. It would be wonderful to see a room with one complete wall covered frame to frame with these prints or to add a little more color, frame the prints in turquoise and orange frames. One could either purchase the prints based on the colors of the artwork or I thought it would be fun to spell a child's name with the prints too! (a nice alternative to those wooden letters hanging on the wall that everyone has seen in the past)

Each print is a hand printed screen print on 11" x 14" cid-free paper, cotton rag Stonehenge 90 lb cover weight in a natural color. The artist leaves the edges deckled to give the prints even more character.

Some of my favorites from the alphabet line are below:


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