Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sophie the Giraffe

If you have been wondering what chew toy the child in the stroller next to you is holding that looks like a giraffe dog toy.  It is the famed Sophie the Giraffe!                                                            

The teething toy is seven inches tall and is handmade of 100% natural rubber (phthalates Free) with food quality paints in France.  It is slender, flexible, soft, and makes squeeky noises.  The babies love the sound it makes and as an added bonus the sound stimulates baby's hearing and helps them understand the link between cause and effect. It is a great toy to have around when the baby is teething and the singular scent from the natural rubber of the hevea tree make the toy easy to identify for a child.  I would suggest its use for babies 5 months-18 months. We have at least three of these around our house, one for the car, one for the stroller, and one in my son's hands at all times.

It turns out Sophie has cousins too: Chan, Pie, and Chad (think it means mushroom in French). These little guys also squeak and are a little easier to grasp for babies 4-6 months.  


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