Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Former Furniture Website

I know that this does not completely pertain to children's design (although they do sometimes have children's items for sale), but I just read about this amazing website in an article from the New York Times called Former Furniture and I had to share!

The website sells slightly-worn high-end furnishing at a discount. The furnishings come from sample sales, designer warehouses, and homes in the Los Angeles area. Lindsey Dann Miller, a 29 year old designer in Los Angeles, thought of the concept and recently opened shop. She and her sister pre-inspect all the pieces before they are uploaded onto the site to maintain quality control. A genius idea and what a wonderful way to obtain stylish well-made quality objects at a discounted price.

When you have young children, lets be honest, things are bound to get banged up at your house sooner or later anyways. The company is based in Los Angeles but ships all over the country.

I'll definitely be purchasing from this site in the future!


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