Monday, September 7, 2009

Mally Bibs

You might think I am crazy but I absolutely LOVE using leather bibs to keep my son clean while feeding him his first foods. My favorite brand is Mally Bibs. We carried the Mally Bibs at Sprout and I definitely stocked up! They are durable, washable, reversible, adjustable, comfortable, and adorable!

My son has two that we use everyday now that he is eating rice cereal and baby food. They are soft and flexible and wipe off extremely easily. Another fun feature is that they are magnetic so you can just attach them to the outside of your fridge or oven for easy access. I would not recommend them for use when just giving your child the bottle as they do not absorb the liquid, but food sticks right to them making them easily rinsable with a wash cloth or sponge. This cuts down on laundry and makes them very easy to travel with. With the adjustable magnetic closure, they fit babies and toddlers.

They make great gifts and I recommend getting two for yourself also!

You can now even get the bibs personalized with a name!


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