Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neutral Bedding

Typically in a nursery the bedding or a piece of artwork is the focal point of the room. But in a neutral nursery the furniture, bedding, artwork, and accessories all blend in together to create a harmonious feeling. There does not need to be a focal point or a stand out piece. Therefore the bedding should be crisp and full of texture. As promised here are some examples of bedding styles for a neutral nursery. They can be one single color or a combination of neutral colors: tan, natural, cream, white, grey, or camel. (Papillon Linens shown above)

A monogrammed linen set from Maddie Boo Bedding above and a silk dupioni ruffled set below.

Two new neutral cotton sets from Annette Tatum's new signature line
(check out all the new styles on the link above at Layla Grace)

A pale celadon green, tan and cream floral pattern from House Inc

Bella Notte Linens was one of the first companies to mix and match textures for crib bedding. They have a wonderful assortment of colors, fabrics, and styles to mix and match. I also like the fact that you can get adult bedding to match.

Matteo Bedding is one of my new favorites, basically an edgy version of Bella Notte. Their linens and cottons are unbeliveably soft. Can't wait to get some for my bed!

Cameron by Serena and Lily: clean, classic, perfect

Lulla Smith is more reknown for her silk bedding collection but I really like the texture of the all white seersucker Hampton set (pictured above) and the washed linen of the Athenia set below.