Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toy Storage Ideas For Your Living Room

As hard as we try to keep toys either in our children's rooms or in the playroom, those books, balls, cars, dolls, and squeaky toys still always end up in the living room. Here are a few options for living room storage for those pesky plastic, stuffed, and wooden toys which you always want close by but out of sight when not in use.

Woven Grass Baskets from Pottery Barn
(nice for holding logs, towels, blankets, or toys)

chic Bubbles Nua available at Red Edition
(it could be a small pet bed or a chic toy storage area) via coochicoos

Hapao Garden Seat from William Sonoma Home
(storage is even better with a lid!)

Stained Wicker Square Baskets from Target
(the most affordable, and perfect for sliding under a side table)

Now if you are looking for more of a toy chest/box these are some of my favorites by ModMom

(available in Maple, Natural Birch, Walnut)


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