Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toy Storage

A friend of mine e-mailed me this week asking me for recommendations for toy storage units for her daughter's playroom. She was not interested in using lined or plastic baskets in a shelving unit and did not want anything that looked like it was from Pottery Barn or Ikea (not that there is anything wrong with those wonderful stores). But she is looking for a piece with more "character". Here are a few of the examples that I sent to her:
Stella Stackable storage cubes by Q Collection Junior

Little Twin Cub by Small Factory
(it can even hold 12" vinyl records for your use after the kids are done with it!)

Stackable Library by Duc Duc with felt seating

Andie Bookcase with storage bins by Newport Cottages

Chicken Coop Storage Units from Sundance Catalog
The Toy Store unit by Oeuf

Blu Cubbie in Wheat by Bratt Decor

Design your own stackable storage boxes from Via Toy Box
(as seen on Project Nursery)

Then for a truly customizable wall unit, Thea Segal Designs makes wonderful custom designed units that can be shipped anywhere in the US.


  1. I love that Andie bookcase with storage bins, but not a huge fan of anything else in the set I found on the Newport Cottages website. Doesn't it always work like that? Thanks for this! I've been browsing hundreds of pages of nursery stuff lately.

  2. Storage solutions are getting better these days and it is evident in these examples. With these boxes and shelves, children can appreciate cleaning up their toys more. Creatively designed pieces like these can also serve as accent pieces in the kids' bedroom. Nice choices!