Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink and Green Bedrooms

image via the Stark blog, design by Robyn Karp Interiors

This post begins my week long discussion on the combination of pink and green in childrens rooms. When most people find out they are having a girl, their first instinct is to start looking at pink. But very few people want a completely pink bedroom.

One of the most natural colors to combine with pink is green. They are on opposite sides of the color wheel therefore are complementary (just think how red & green look so good together at Christmas).

Additionally the combination of pink and green together are always elegantly evident in nature. What could be prettier than a pink peony surrounded by green leaves?

Here are some photos of pink and green nurseries and girls rooms to start off some inspiration, I think I'm going to be hard pressed to find a pink and green boys room...

image via flickr

image via Elle Decor, designed by Katie Ridder

image via House Beautiful

image via House Beautiful

image via House Beautiful

image via Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor

image via flickr

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tasty Baby

In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit of cooking food, eating food, and talking about food, I would like to introduce you to a line of 100% organic frozen baby food. Tasty Baby is a healthy & delicious gluten-free food line developed by two busy working mothers who were looking for a fast and healthy alternative to making their own baby food. The line consists of pureed frozen food for stages 1-3 for infants, new organic DHA & ARA fortified cereals, and organic fruit snacks for toddlers and adults.

I actually used to work with one of the founders (Shannon Swanson) when I catered in Los Angeles (pre-Sprout and design days). Shannon is a very talented Le Cordon Bleu trained chef who owns a successful catering business, so I was not surprised to find her baby creations to be delicious. Not only are the frozen foods tasty on their own for your children, but she offers suggestions on how to use the baby purees in adult dishes at home on their website and packages. For example, using their sweet pie (sweet potatoes), there is a recipe to make sweet pie souffle for Thanksgiving.

Of course I suggest trying to make your own pureed food at home since it is so easy and ultimately the freshest and most nutritious way to feed your infant, but if you don't have the time or energy, Tasty Baby is a wonderful alternative. It is a little pricier than other lines, but definitely tastes better than anything else out there. Happy Thanksgiving!

These fruit snacks are a must to keep in your purse and car for you and your toddler. They are truly delicious and full of nutrients.

Click here to find a retailer near you: Tasty Baby

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sophisticated Children's Rooms

Not all children's rooms have to scream theme or "look at me". While looking at the Stark Blog this week I came across a post on interior designer Sara Karp from Robyn Karp Interiors. These are a few of her childrens interiors, although I favor the rooms in softer colors (that bright pink is really bright), all of her designs are interesting and unique. She uses very sophisticated fabrics and carpets (most of the carpets in these photos are by Stark), yet the rooms are still playful and definitely childish.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Seth & Grayson Bedding

Seth & Grayson is a wonderful new bedding line which is perfect for a little girl or tween bedroom. It has the casual and bohemian look of Anthropologie bedding (which I love because of the mix of patterns, textures and prints) but at a lower price point. A twin set which includes a duvet, euro sham, and decorative neck roll runs you about $497. The sets are available in Full and Kings sizes also. Bedskirts and additional decorative pillows and accessories are available separately.

The line was developed by Danielle Mottershead while she was looking for bedding for her own children which as classic, versatile, and durable (notice how all the patterns and colors are perfect for hiding stains). The colors are bold but not in-your-face bright. Here are some of my favorite designs:

They also make adorable robes to match! A great gift at any age.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ava's Blue & Pink Haven

I had the pleasure of viewing Ava's nursery in person a few weeks ago. The combination of light blue and the different shades of pink in the room create a wonderful contrast which is playful and calming. The hand-made flower balls add the perfect punch of color and mimic the modern floral pattern on the bedding. The words above her closet remind the family of important things to do every day: dream, laugh, love. Enjoy the photos and thank you Julie for sharing!

What was the inspiration for your room?
We wanted to have girlie room but not the typical pink on pink. We loved her bedding and used that to introduce other colors as well. The room was even already painted blue!

What was the first piece that you purchased for your nursery?
The Bedding

What is your favorite aspect of the room?
The flowers hanging over her bed. I made them. It was really important to me to have something that I made for her in the room. It took many nights of cutting and gluing, but I finished them 48 hours before she was born!

Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I would like to have wood floors instead of the carpet. The white carpet gets really dirty, but at least it keeps her room warm and she can crawl around comfortably.

Please share information on any of the lines or websites that you used to design the nursery:
Caden Lane for her bedding, Young America for the furniture, Paper Source for the flower kit, Benjamin Moore for room paint and accents, Anthropologie for dresser knobs, and Pottery Barn Kids for the letters.

-- Julie (Ava's Mom)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Megan O'Hara for Oopsy Daisy

I had the pleasure of meeting a friend's beautiful newborn daughter Madeline last week. Oh how you forget how small newborns are! When I stepped in to check out her nursery I was delighted to see some familiar prints up on the wall. She had selected the perfect artwork for the nursery to match her bedding and crib.

The artwork selected was by Megan O'Hara for Oopsy Daisy. It was so playful and cute, just looking at the artwork makes you want to say "awe". We carried the Oopsy Daisy line at Sprout and I absolutely love their affordable and colorful stretched canvases.

The following are some of my favorite designs by Megan O'Hara:

Use the Oopsy Daisy website to find a retailer closer to you, but for on-line purchases, Colorful Rooms carries almost their entire line!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Serena & Lily Friends & Family 25% Off Discount Code

A friend of mine e-mailed me today to tell me about a great secret on-line sale going on the weekend. Serena & Lily (I include their line in posts all of the time) is holding a 5-day (Nov 12th-16th) 25% off sale on bedding, fabrics, gifts, and accessories.

The code is FALLFRIENDS25 at checkout.

This is definitely a great deal as they have a lot of wonderful items that work in children's and adult rooms! (For those of you eyeing the Wren set this is your time to purchase!)

Thanks Cathy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chalkboard Decals

If you love the idea of having a chalkboard wall but can't handle the commitment, here are a few options for easily removable wall decals. This is just a taste of the huge assortment of styles available out there. If you don't have kids yet it would be interesting to put these up in a bathroom during a party, imagine the messages that would get scribbled on there...

Wall Candy Circles

Etsy monthly calendar

Another monthly calendar found on Etsy
(these are a more interesting because the paint on the wall behind the decals will show through on the monthly title)

A shout out to my home state, found on Etsy

Lastly here is a link to a few more decal options. I could not grab any images from the website but they have a nice assortment or chalkboard decals along with a plethora of wall decal designs!