Friday, December 11, 2009

Nativity Sets

I remember playing with nativity sets when I was a little girl. My two sisters and I each had our own sets and would put them up under our mini Christmas trees in our bedrooms. It was fun to play out the stories that we learned at Sunday school and from our parents about the true meaning of Christmas. The following are some nativity sets available for the holidays. Price ranges vary from $25-$100.
This is a pretty basic set and looks the most similar to the one that I had growing up. I am a little nostalgic for this one because of that. I also love it's simplicity and small size (perfect to fit under a mini tree). Available at Amazon
The set above is by Sevi and is my favorite. Unfortunately I could only find it on-line in Europe at

HABA (the German wooden toy giant) makes the Limited Edition set above, it is pretty widely available on-line but I found it at one of my favorite on-line stores Blueberry Forest. HABA is known for their quality, craftsmanship and safety. This is a close second favorite and available in the US!

The more lego-ish set above is a plastic one by Playmobile and is readily available at Target along with the set below by Toy Workshop. Both are nice alternatives if you don't want to shell out more than $50.


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