Thursday, December 17, 2009

Simple Things in Fort Worth, Texas

I would like to introduce you all to a wonderful store in Fort Worth, Texas called Simple Things. It is a home decor store filled with comfortable furniture, antique wood pieces, unique decorative accessories, and luxurious linens. You can find something here for every room of your house from the living room, to the bedroom, to your nursery. The boutique receives in new shipments bi-weekly so if you live in the area, it is worth stopping by once a week. Even if you don't purchase anything, the store will inspire you to re-decorate a few rooms in your home.

Simple Things is located in University Plaza and has been in the same location for 12 years. Some of the lines that carry include Dash & Albert Rugs, Corsican Cribs, Lee Industries, Matteo Bedding, Bella Notte Linens, and Sugarboo Designs Artwork. But besides these lines, the owners acquire unique antique pieces which are unusual, country chic, and comfortably casual. I'm just waiting for them to put up a website!

Simple Things
1540 S. University, Suite 110
Fort Worth, TX 76107

The linens above are Bella Notte & Matteo (mixing white and cream in different textures, so chic and fresh). Played against the dark chalkboard wall really makes them pop. And I love the idea of writing out a screenplay on the wall, so LA but in Teaxs? Who would have thought that you could find this in Fort Worth?! Love it!

Look at the stenciled white-wash floor! That would look fabulous in a breakfast room or a more contemporary library. And the canopy bed? Perfect for a guest room or teenager's room.

A painted globe, a wonderful accessory for a childrens room.

This vintage American flag is perfect to fill up wall space in a boys room. All of you out there with red, white and blue bedding...I would purchase this ASAP!

Their selection of Dash & Albert Rugs and samples. It is nice to have the ability to take home actual samples before you order the larger rugs.

Below is a shot of their bedding section. Simple things has a very large selection of stocked Bella Notte Bedding which is very unusual. This is helpful in designing your bed since it usually takes 6 weeks to get pieces ordered. Having a large selection of colors and textures allows you to play with different bed design concepts in person before you purchase. Happy Shopping!


  1. Love, LOVE this store!! Great pics! They have reopened a warehouse of sorts over on Vickery Blvd - check it out:

    Cheers! - Megh


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