Thursday, January 7, 2010

British Nest & Egg Artwork

I was browsing through the Wisteria catalog today and was inspired by these adorable and elegant nest & egg prints. They can be purchased individually, or in a set of four or eight. I like the set of eight best because it gives you more options to display and more sources to pull colors for room accessories. Now for some bedding to go with the prints...

My choices would be the Marlo crib bedding set from Serena & Lily or some soft linen-inspired sets like the ones below from Matteo or Bella Notte Linens.

The mexican textile inspired embroidered Marlo crib bedding

Tat crib set, now available at Layla Grace for 15% off (use promo code MATEO15)

I actually think the Wren set from Serena & Lily would work too
(if you wanted some bedding with a little more color)


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