Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dream Laundry Room & Closets

Oh the weekend, a time to run errands, catch up on laundry and maybe sneak in a few yoga classes. The photo above was featured in a posting from Style Chronicle this week ad I died and went to heaven. I could not imagine a more calming and peaceful laundry room. What a wonderful place to iron!

A girl can only dream...oh and speaking of dreams have I ever shown you my favorite closets? (as featured on Habitually Chic last week)

This one is my ultimate and highly doubtful that it will ever be attained. But I mean seriously, I love the clean and crisp organization and the center islands with leather handles (they look very Ralph Lauren). A perfect dressing room for my type "A" personality.
(designed by Steven Gambrel)

The closet above might be a reality someday, maybe...very doable and can fit in a smaller and more realistic floor plan (for beach living). Image from Vivre founder Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti.

Now see the image below? Anyone can easily put wallpaper in their closet and look what a difference it makes! Especially if you have doors that open up like this.
I like this touch especially for a nursery or playroom closet.
(image from Domino Magazine)