Monday, January 25, 2010

Red, White & Blue

Red, White, and Blue used to be the "go-to" for boys room decor. But now with the evolution of modern nursery design and the introduction of bold colors such as turquoise, orange, lime green, and brown, the popularity of this color combination has subsided. I'd like to re-introduce you to this classical and standby trio with a few inspirational rooms:

The room pictured above was designed by Katie Leede. Even though the colors of red, white and blue are used, there is no particular theme attached to the room. The same goes for the room below designed by Katie Ridder.

The rooms below definitely have a more Americana feel because of the use of the American flag and stars as room decor accents.

image via Style Chronicle, room designed by Ashley Whittaker Design

also by Ashley Whittaker Design, almost the same layout!

room designed by Susan Kasler and featured in her book Inspired Interiors
(love the painted ceiling)

image via Style Chronicle, room designed by Stephen Gambrel
(a fabulous drum light fixture)

I forgot where the image below came from but I love the blue sliding door and camp-style beds. This would be such a fun nook for a sleepover!

If you don't have the resources to create the rooms above, here are some pre-designed bedding sets which will help you get started with that Red, White & Blue look:

A Serena & Lily's take on the Red, White & Blue
The Nate bedding set is now on sale!

Lucky Horseshoes bedding set

Chesapeake crib set by Bebe Chic

Henry crib set by Maddie Boo

And now a few options for a more modern take on the Red, White & Blue theme. Since these sets do not have any red in them, I would add hints of red with accessories. Or even better, paint red stars or the American flag on one entire wall!

Kaledioscope crib bedding by New Arrivals

On another note, since you all know I LOVE orange, the four sets above would look stellar with orange or even fuchsia if you really want to go with something out of the box.


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