Friday, January 29, 2010

Studio 7 A.M. Blanket 212

I am planning a ski trip out to Montana in a few weeks for President's Day Weekend and was in desperate need for a warm waterproof shell for my bugaboo stroller. I wanted something which was warm, chic and multi-functional and I finally found it! The Blanket 212 from Studio 7 A.M. answered my prayers.

The bunting bag grows with your child so that you get several years of use (from a few months old to 4 years of age). It also adapts to any stroller or car seat and converts to a large thermal downlike, fleece-lined blanket. The waterproof shell on the outside protects your child from the wind and the rain. Done, done and done! Where can I get one in my size?

To view and purchase the whole 7 A.M Enfant Line click here

And did I mention the celebrities love this line too!


  1. These are great and would be perfect out in Montana. What a fun vacation!

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