Friday, February 19, 2010

Meri Meri

Have birthday party or shower to plan in the next few months? Well look no further Meri Meri is your one-stop shop for unique theme ideas, decorations, invites and cupcake toppers.

Meri Meri has been creating imaginative and playful stationary and party decorations for over 20 years since 1985. The company started with the founder Meredithe creating cards at her kitchen table. Soon stores in Los Angeles began selling her cards and she started recruiting friends to help her. The company grew from this little network of moms working from home with Meredithe's direction into an award winning stationary company now based outside of London and yes even Neiman Marcus now carries her designs. (See if you build it they will come! So stick with your hobbies!)

Meri Meri also sells traditional handmade cards, advent calendars, mechanical cards, and gift sets so I recommend visiting their website to take a look at their large array of products.
A special thank you to At Home with Kim Vallee to introducing me to this wonderful line.


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