Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Non-Traditional Gliders

For those of you who are looking for a glider for your nursery that is not too modern and not too traditional, I'd like to share a few wonderful solutions with you. The shapes of the gliders featured below are interesting and sharp but not boxy like many modern styles.

31" W x 34" D x 34" H
Priced at $949

The Presidio glider by Serena & Lily is a new design for them. I have not personally sat in it so I can't vouch for its comfort or how it feels but I definitely like the look and the quality of Serena & Lily products is always top notch. The soft pillow in the back looks like this should be a comfortable glide. It is also nice that the chair is slip-covered, so when you want to move it from the nursery to your living room, you can just order a new cover. Another fun fact is that you can choose from 12 different fabric colors to create your own custom chair with an alternate band color. I chose to picture the sky blue till with navy band because it would look fabulous in my son Tripp's room in that color. (I think they need to add orange & dark brown as an option too)

29"W x 32" D x 40" H

29" W x 34" D x 40" H

The Penelope & Cohen gliders (pictured above) by Oilo Studio have clean, sophiticated, elegant lines. If you are tall, you might like these gliders more than the Presidio listed above which is only 34" tall. Since it is 40" tall, you will be able to rest your head more comfortably while nursing. The only downside is that you don't have as many fabric options. It comes in soft white faux leather but you can customize the color of the trim. Leather will not have as soft as a feel as twill or microsuede but spit-up stains will literally wipe right off.

30" W x 32" D x 38"H

The Luca glider by Monte Design fits in between the two described above. The size is in the middle and you can choose from nine different microsuede fabrics for the body and pipe colors. I sat in this glider this week at a store in LA and it is very comfortable (I think this is because the arms are really just the perfect height). Do take note that this glider does have a more modern look to it because of its dark wood base.

37" W x 25" D x 45.5" H

The Alberto Winged Glider by Q Collection Junior is the most expensive and tallest glider on this list coming in at $1995. It is only available in three colors cloud, pebble and twig but the fabric is a luxurious 100% belgian linen slipcover. This is an extremely comfortable chair and Q Collection Junior prides itself on creating furniture and bedding designed to eliminate anything harmful or toxic in the products themselves, or in the way they're made. (Because of this mission, their manufacturing costs are higher therefore the price of the glider is higher).

28" W x 28" D x 43" H

If want a truly custom glider the Luxe glider by Jennifer Delonge should be your choice. She offers 18 fabrics to choose from in microsuede, linen or velvet or you can use your own fabrics and have it upholstered COM. I have not had the opportunity to sit in this glider yet but it is the narrowest of all the choices and had a nice tall height to rest your head. (A good option if you have narrow doorways in your house).

Stay tuned because in the next few days I'll be posting my favorite traditional and modern glider choices.


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