Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is Your Book

Today Daily Candy Kids featured this uber-cool baby book called "This is Your Book" by Ryan Maconochie. You know how the traditional baby books have questions such as: what was your height & weight? Where were you born? What were other names that your parents liked? When was your first smile? When did you take your first step...etc. Now "This is Your Book" asks all the basic questions plus fun random statistics such as...What was the US Dollar to Euro exchange rate? How much is a 6-pack of beer?

The book gives more insight into what the world was like when your child was born. Beware, at 122 pages, it should take you a few hours to fill out. Available for purchase at Lulu for $50.

If this is too funky for you, my favorite traditional hand bound baby books are by Rag & Bone Bindery ($68) & Molly West ($55). Pictured below respectively.

I have one of the Rag & Bone ones in Oxford Blue for my son. Unfortunately it is only 1/4 of the way filled out but at least I have his blog so that I can look back and fill in the blank pages with his "firsts". If writing in a book or keeping a blog of your child's memories is still too much responsibly for you, I suggest setting up a personal e-mail for your baby. When a special moment happens, or when they do something funny or even when you just want to send them a loving message, write them a quick e-mail. Trust me years down the road when they are six they will love looking back at what you had to say to them. Kind of like a 2010 version of a journal.


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