Monday, March 1, 2010

Brother & Sister Step Into Spring

This is our first entry on our new feature: Children's Fashion. Even though this is a children's room design blog, I think that fashion inspires design and vice versa, therefore I felt that we needed a little children's fashion inspiration a few times a month.

Since I'm already swamped with motherhood (yup no nanny), blogging, designing, and working with OpenSky, I enlisted a friend and fellow blogger Sheridan French to help contribute. Sheridan is a mother, fashion designer, and trend setter. Her new blog, The Southern Eclectic is a fun and energetic reflection of her favorite things in life and I highly recommend following her posts. Beware, your pocketbook might get a little thinner though because she has some great shopping taste.

Sheridan will be creating complete sibling outfits to help inspire you to mix it up by shopping at new boutiques and the old standby stores (yes I'm talking about Target, the Gap, & Old Navy---I love them all too). We will restrict the choices to be from only three stores to help avoid large shipping costs. (If you want to purchase the look). Additionally, if you have any on-line stores you recommend us visiting, please leave a comment or shoot me over an e-mail.

Enjoy Sheridan's first combo as she takes us out of the snow and rain and marches us straight into spring.

I recently discovered Caramel Baby & Child on a trip to Cabo and completely fell in love! Parents with older children are probably well aware of the brand, but with an 8 month old boy I never heard of the brand before. The little girl clothes in particular completely blew me away with their beauty. As the website says, "the clothes are individual and luxurious, yet relaxed and understated at the same time." The unique color combination on the skirt was too special to pass up, so I based the rest of the outfit around this piece. I hope you enjoy the pairing as much as I do!

I have been on a constant search for little boys clothes since mine was born given that the girl's clothing market is overwhelmingly saturated with fantastic options. There are so many brands that I look forward to featuring, but I chose to start with a classic that I know we all love: Polo Ralph Lauren. There is nothing cuter on boys than pops of great color in my opinion. I absolutely adore this t-shirt, it screams lets go climb a tree, build a fort, and get covered head to toe in dirt! I love it!

J. Crew has wonderful shoes (for adults too!) that can't be beat, so I had to include selections from their site. Both the ballet flats and sneakers are available in several color options...add some of their neon laces for a special kick.

xoxo Sheridan


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