Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Outfits

Now that St. Patrick's Day is officially over, it is time to start planning for Easter. Today Sheridan French has a color-filled inspirational outfit ensemble to feast your eyes and pocketbooks on...

I have no boundaries when it comes to silly outfits on Easter. If any mother can show restraint with pastels on this glorious day I would love to meet her! I have spent my last few Easters in Palm Springs to boot, where everyone walks around looking like an Easter egg on a general day to day basis, so you can imagine the sea of pastels on the actual holiday. It. Is. FABULOUS! That said, I don't think my husband would be a massive fan of dressing our little guy in pink, green and blue all at the same time {his current outfit is navy, red, and yellow} but the mood may strike and he could easily resemble cotton candy.

Papo D' Anjo has such great clothes in great colors, and paired together they create a fantastically fun Easter outfit. Since there is no other day in the entire world that you can get away with such a pairing, I went for whole shebang and paired a bright mint green sweater with a blue checked shirt and pink pants. I am rolling my eyes as I type this! You can interpret the look however you like; the green sweater and blue shirt would be great with khaki or white bottoms. I also included a long sleeve blue check shirt from Ralph Lauren and a fun bow tie if you are in to that. If you really want to bring out the big guns, I came across some pink, green and blue Madras shoes...I'm not sure I would advise pairing these with the Papo D'Anjo ensemble...that may be too far over the line... We don't want anyone throwing eggs at your son. Also while visiting the RL website, I came across an outfit they had already put together which I think is fab - a seersucker jacket, pink and blue madras print shirt, and gold and navy bow tie. None of these are very manly...maybe put some football paint underneath his eyes for a bit of a macho factor?

The dress that inspired this whole post from the get go is the hot pink Joesphine dress from Baby CZ. If your daughter wants to be in pink from head to toe, Ralph Lauren has some great espadrilles that I am in love with! These are a very versatile purchase. If you want your little ones to match {if there is any holiday where that is definitely definitely ok Easter is it!}, Papo D'Anjo has an adorable blue check dress, as does Ralph Lauren. Different styles, depending on what you prefer. The Madras print dress was just too sunny to pass up, and with a matching headband, how can you not buy this outfit?! Even if you don't have a daughter buy it to look at. Ralph Lauren also has a perfect light weight knit cardigan that will go with any outfit you choose. Pair any of the dresses with silver flats, and you have a little girl that is too precious for words. There goes your entire camera memory card!!!

Happy Easter everyone :)
xoxo Sheridan

For more inspirational Easter Outfit ideas check out tada! Shop


  1. I love that Katarina Madras dress. I wish I were 6 years old to wear one of those!!!!!

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