Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ferm Living

A special thank you to The Cultivate Home for reminding me about Ferm Living a wonderful wallpaper, wall decal, and accessories website. I mentioned them in my post about decorating with maps a few months back but they have added quite a few more styles to their site since then.

Not only do they have modern and imaginative prints for adults but the children's wallpapers are so unique and colorful. I especially like Tiny Train (above) and Animal Farm (below). Too much pattern for a whole room but one wall would look great.

The Love Birds & Bird Cages (below) are still some of my favorite bird decals out there. As an added bonus they have "how to" videos on their website on how to put up wall decals and wallpaper properly.

Ferm Living Kids also has an adorable Story Mobile which has a modern home-made yet vintage feel. Very Anthropologie!


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