Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kiki & Polly Artwork

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs today Caitlin Creer Interiors and came across a wonderful post called Pretty Prints about the artist Lisa Golightly and her company Kiki & Polly. Since I like just about everything that Caitlin writes about I had to take a deeper look. And true to fact, I fell in love with the youthful, free spirited almost ethereal portraits and wanted to share the delightful artwork with you all. The colors are so serene and calming and the prints are very affordable on her Etsy store.

I particularily like her lifestyle playground and pool themed collections (some are pictured below).

Although the prints are small (on average 8"x8"), they would look nice in a framed collection of nine above a dresser or in a bathroom.

If you visit her website, you can see some other examples of her unique Custom Portraits and Sketch Portraits.

I loved this little bunny and had to include him! Unfortunately, as I found out this past Easter weekend, my son hates bunnies so he would probably have nightmares if I put this one in his room.

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