Monday, April 26, 2010

La Petite Magazine Debut

The new on-line children's fashion and decor magazine La Petite Magazine has made its debut! The first issue is short and sweet yet has some inspiring fashion photos, gift ideas and wonderful DIY projects. Definitely worth a read if you have 15 minutes today.

This was a cute way to turn Jenna Lyons's (J. Crew's creative director) nursery into an outfit. (The nursery that has inspired a thousand ceilings.)

This instant lego table is a great idea! Here is the link to the $19 (yes I said $19) table if you are an ambitious Do-It-Yourselfer. At this price, it is ok if you screw up so give it a go!

This project takes a little more measuring but I love the subtle sunshine that you can create with just a little yellow yarn.

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