Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tripp's Nursery On Project Nursery

My dear and talented friend Liz of Life Iz Photography was kind enough to take some professional photos of my son's nursery so that I could finally post up photos on Project Nursery's gallery. Thank you Liz for doing an amazing job!

This is where the magic happens...

The Netto Collection Moderne changing table with some framed Life Iz Photographs above. (I plan on adding more larger scale photos as Tripp gets older)

The dresser was actually the piece that inspired the room. (I fell in love with the leather handles.) For the walls, I decorated with framed sea horse prints, and Oopsy Daisy artwork.

Yes we do have a full size bed still in the room, since my family lives all over the country we have lots of guests so we needed to keep a big bed in the room for extra sleeping space. It actually came in handy a lot when my son was young and waking up at night because one of us could stay in here with him while the other got a full night of sleep in the master bedroom. Please disregard the sagging bumper, my fifteen month old son is not a lightweight and loves to sleep on the bumper.

Tripp's little closet.

Since I use the whole closet in the master my husband uses the main closet in this room. So we made a little make shift closet in the space between the door and the larger closet. It actually works out quite well. The clothes that are hanging are his current size 18m wardrobe. (This is my old dresser from college and the blue basket is from Target.)

A view from the full bed

For more details on the sources and on my design process for this room, click back to my original post from last June here. (When the crib bedding hadn't been slept on thousands of times).

I had to throw in this photo of when his bedding was still pristine.


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