Friday, May 14, 2010

New Designer Crush - Jules Reid

I know this has nothing to do with children's design, but I'm secretly dying to wear the pants above by Jules Reid. But first I need to be able to afford them and then have something fun to wear them to. Hmm I'm thinking amazing party overlooking the ocean on a huge deck with an infinity pool below...yup that's the spot..somewhere in Malibu. Now I just need to get invited.

Or I suppose this caftan would be perfect for a stroll downtown in any swanky beach town or resort. Think it is a little too bohemian/dramatic for your standard country club pool? I just love the embroidered detail.

But realistically, I see myself wearing the outfit above the most. The tunic would look great with white pants for an evening out and I'm sure I could find a pair of $40 pink shorts from J Crew that would match perfectly.

A special thank you to Cassandra from Coco & Kelly for introducing me to this line. Just love it! If I can't have it at least I can be inspired!


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