Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not So Matchy Matchy by Sheridan French

Something that I have regularly observed when it comes to the way parents dress their children is that the outfit can often be very matchy. Pink top with pink striped skirt. Blue checkered top with blue pants. Don't misunderstand me - there is nothing wrong with that! - but sometimes I wonder if parents are afraid to mix and match colors for their little ones. There's no need to be scared of this and in fact, I highly recommend going for fun and upbeat pairings to add some spice to your mini me. I didn't want to scare you off so I wasn't too wild and crazy with my selections (well, some of you might think the scarf is crazy!). Remember that a great way to add in additional colors is via an accessory or two.

This airy blue top is the perfect casual shirt that is comfortable and cool in warm weather. Paired with the pretty, modern striped skirt, it takes on a more eclectic vibe. This skirt is very versatile in its muted palette of grey and black stripes and would coordinate well with any color. The fabulous yellow gladiator sandals give the ensemble an extra kick, and would also look great with girly dresses by giving them a little bit of a hard edge. Bringing in a bright, cheery red on the cotton beret and applique bag add a bold freshness to the outfit.

My son is only 10 months old and already head over heels for anything with enormous wheels that moves dirt, so I can only imagine how much a toddler would love this shirt! What fun, bright, bold colors - and even better, it's hand-printed with water based inks on organic cotton. Sold! Cargo shorts are always a smart purchase and will last through tree climbing, fort building, and rolling around in all sorts of dirt. Orange and green go great together, and the style of the green baseball boots lend a retro feel to the look. Add in a touch of blue with a fantastic watch, and if you're little guy is a bit of a boho boy, throw the scarf around his neck for a truly extra special outfit. (FYI: The scarf could also be used as a bandana or beach pareo. I love it!)

Lesson of the day: Mix and match colors and styles. Your kids might not notice, but other moms certainly will.

xoxo Sheridan


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