Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boys Loft Spaces on Nesting Newbies

The third issue of Nesting Newbies came out this month. What I like about this on-line magazine is that is combines articles on entertaining, food, design and blogging. All things that I love!

But in keeping with what is relevant to this blog, here are some photos of a pretty spectacular and innovative boys loft bedroom. The ceilings in this room must be close to 20 feet, which is not a reality for most of us, but this helps spark the imagination on how to bring activities and playfulness into the bedroom.

The best part about this room is that even though the boys have to share, they still have their own private "nooks" where they can have their own "private space".

Some fun facts about the room include:
- wall mounted televisions in each nook
- punching bags, and climbing walls, and basketball hoop in the room
- private above-bed areas for hanging out or doing homework
- custom storage under the beds, behind the headboard, and on the walls

I'd definitely call this a dream middle-schooler's room!

Photos by Zoe Chan, room designed by Hilary Unger with Perianth Design


  1. Is this just an idea or can I buy a kit to put this all together? Or can you tell me where to buy all of this to set up for my 10 year olds birthday

    Konnie McKee