Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Romantic Sophisticated Nursery Unveiled

Now for the complete unveiling of the Romantic Little Girl's Nursery. Here is the photo from last week's sneak peek:

My wonderful client was looking for a romantic feminine nursery which was calming and comfortable. The first item purchased for the room was the Angel Toile bedding pictured below.

We kept the walls the original taupe color but added a little unexpected spunk by painting the ceiling a very soft pink. The glider and ottoman set in the corner create a resting spot to feed little Addison and is also a wonderful spot to read books.

Now this would not be a complete little girl's room without an amazing closet. And what better way to make a closet even more special than to wallpaper the inside. This is actually a flocked wallpaper so the raised flowers add a little more dimension and interest into the space. We also lined the drawers of the dresser in the same wallpaper.

The mirrors above the dresser were the second item purchased for the room. They were found on Former Furniture and are one-of-a-kind antique mirrors which will become heirloom pieces for the family. We loved the feminine delicacy of the collection.

Some space was left the right of the dresser for framed photos taken of the couple and their daughter during the first few years of her life.

The beautiful initial mural above the bed and kissing birds above the changer were done by Nicole Blackburn from Celadon Studio. She is so talented and such a pleasure to work with . The scrolls and leaves on either side of the "A" mimic the design found on the Dash & Albert rug.

The "A" is almost whitewashed onto the wall with hints of soft pink, gold and bronze.

Since we loved the angel toile fabric pattern, we had a custom posting board (to hold memos and hair clips) and lamp shade made.

We carried on the little bird idea with decorative accents around the room. From the mural above the changer to the bronze birds and festive bird cages on the bookcase.

The bookcase was actually the husband's old one from college and we just had it sanded and re-painted. Inexpensive and completely functional, so why not try and use some pieces lying around the house?

And finally a photo of the happy couple. Liz from Life Iz Photography took these photos of the room and will be documenting little Addison's life for the family. She does some amazing photojournalism inspired work. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

For more information on some of the sources for items used in this room please visit the gallery on Project Nursery or the Project Nursery Post.


  1. it is gorgeous! love the antique mirror, whimsical monogram and bird cages. wish I included this is a recent post on baby girl nursery rooms!


  2. Hi! So gorgeous!! Great work! I was wondering where the wallpaper is from? Thanks!

  3. The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown! It is wonderful!

  4. I just adore the collection of mirrors!!

  5. Here is the link to the wallpaper..

  6. What a beautiful room. Do you know who the glider/ottoman is by, as well as the fabric?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! What color/fabric is the ottoman?

  8. The room is so pretty!!! I LOVE your blog! I am an old friend of Leah's and am so happy to stumble upon your sweet blog.

  9. Anyone have any idea on the paint color used in this nursery? I love it and I looked at taupes since that is how they referred to it but the taupes I found were more greyish not beigeish like this room. Any suggestions?

  10. Can you tell me where the bedding and lampshade came from? It is stunning!

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