Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caden Lane HUGE Giveaway

Anyone interested in a free $2000 shopping spree, a $1000 flight voucher or a $3000 gift towards your favorite charity? If so I suggest visiting the Caden Lane Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter page to enter into the contest.

For complete details on entering please visit their blog here.

If you don't know already, Caden Lane is a manufacturer of chic nursery bedding, diaper bags, great baby gifts & accessories and now they carry big kid bedding too. They are constantly pushing the envelope with unique and exotic print and bold color combinations. Dylan from the Modern Vintage Collection, pictured below was one of our top sellers at Sprout.

Their newest collection is the "Boutique Collection" centered around the color Turquoise. The four new crib sets are pictured below (they also come in big kid bedding & accessories).

Oh and if you are looking for inspirations for baby names, they have some of the best names for their crib sets. I know many customers who named their children after Caden Lane's designs.

Don't forget to register for the contest!


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