Monday, July 5, 2010

Harris's Nursery by Liz Carroll

This week I am sharing two lovely rooms deigned by Liz Carroll of Driftwood Interiors. Liz and I went to college together at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and she has recently opened her own design business in Wrighsville Beach, North Carolina.

The first room is her newborn daughter Harris's room (Harris is her maiden name), I think it is an adorable name for a little girl. But back to the nursery, I think her grey and fuchsia combination in the room is so unique and fresh yet is very sophisticated. Having a daybed in the room allows for more sleeping space for mom or guests and the sole wallpapered wall adds some interesting contrast to the bright pink walls. The room is photographed beautifully and while looking at the photos, make sure to notice the detail on the curtains and pillows.

1. What was the inspiration for your room?
I started with the color scheme:grey and raspberry/hot pink with white and tangerine accents. This nursery was for my second child (and first girl), so I wanted to go a little bolder with the colors and do something different from the traditional pastels I had used before. My sister (also an interior designer) gave me some great ideas, helped me track down some of the fabric and was the one who finally convinced me to paint the walls hot pink.

2. What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
We already had all of the furniture from our first child that I could use again (crib, changing table, bookcase), so the first thing I ordered was fabric.

3. What is your favorite aspect of the room?
I love how different it is, all of the little details and how the room will be able to grow with our daughter. I am also proud of the paint (I did it myself 8 months pregnant) and the hanging pendant light (recovered it myself with some leftover fabric 9 months pregnant).

4. Now that the room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I'd love to add some lighting near the daybed for some night time reading, but am going to wait until she is older. I'd love the look of some swing-arm wall sconces or lanterns.

If you have the brand names or website links to the lines that you chose for the room please share them with our readers:
Paint - Benjamin Moore, Peony (2079-30)

Fabrics - Crib skirt and bolster pillows: Hickory Chair
Pink solid, glider piping, pillows and trim: Dogwood
Pendant light & pillows: Schumacher (Sundial)
Window Treatment Fabric: Duralee
Window Treatment Button Tape Trim: Duralee
Grey Solid: Glider, Pillows: Duralee

Scalloped Nailhead Side Tables - Global Views

Furniture - Stanley Young America

Sheepskin Floor Rug - Costco

Area Carpet - Robertex, Holy Cow

Wallpaper - Cole & Son

Glider - Serena & Lily Hayes Glider (had slipcover made)

"H" Wall Monogram - Studio JK Vinyl

Room Photography - Allison Breiner

If you love Liz's work and live in North Carolina or anywhere on the East Coast, Liz Carroll, founder of Driftwood Interiors would love to help you design your next space. Stay tuned for her little boy Burton's room next...


  1. What is the name of the wallpaper?

  2. i'd love to purchase some of the fabric she used on the pendant lamps and pillows (sundial). is there any way of getting that? i tried to get it through the manufacturer but i do not have a business account. would she be willing to sell any left over fabric that she may have

  3. The Cole and Sons Paper is Product code 69/3110
    Name Lily
    Repeat 76cms/30ins
    Half Drop Yes

  4. where is that adorable trundle/daybed from?

  5. Probably too late, or maybe you've found the fabric, but it can be purchased online here -

  6. Is the monogram H the XL size? I think 23" tall?

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  8. The nursery looks cozy and elegant.

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