Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Dudes Only

I just happened upon this site yesterday called "Little Dudes Only". It is basically just that, a website dedicates to clothing for just boys. Their motto is even "dressing boys can be more fun than dressing girls"!

The Little Dudes Only carries unique lines that you usually can only find in pieces in your local trendy boutiques. We carried a lot of these lines at Sprout. Some of my favorites include JB Vintage, Gold Rush, Appaman, Surf Royalty, Tailgate, Imps & Elfs, & Acoustic. If you dress your boy in traditional, Ralph Lauren, or lean more towards the preppy style, they don't carry a lot of lines to suit your taste. This is definitely more edgy surfer, plaid, vintage-inspired look. More of a "west coast" , "LA" look. I tend to dress my little boy in a cross between both. But it is definitely still worth a look.

They also have a special discount special going on this weekend. Enter code Crazy20 at checkout and get 20% off your purchase. Happy weekend shopping!


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