Friday, July 16, 2010

Lucas Studio Nursery

The House of Turquoise had a post today featuring this nursery by Lucas Studio. It was so over the top fabulous that I had to share it with you. This is not a minimal nursery by any means. Almost every inch of space is covered with something from oversized paintings, to curtains, to natural accessories. This room was designed for a show house: Stately Homes by the Sea in New Jersey. If you have kids you can see that it is not completely practical (with the logs, rosebush, & pointy peacock). But it has such a luxurious feel and is a fabulous vision.

My favorite parts are the daybed valence, sultan suzanni curtain fabric, sunburst mirrors, Oly Studio pelican painting, & Kalon Studio IoLine crib and changer. A lot of the accessories in the room are from Mecox Gardens, one of my favorite stores. If you were wondering what the photos were above the daybed, they are framed flash cards...think the inspiration for the room started here? I think so.

For more details on items in the room and the rest of the show house visit Shelter who started this blog waterfall.


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