Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outfits for Happy Travels by Sheridan French

My family and I have had seemingly endless travels so far this summer, so I am very inspired by cute clothes that pack well and still come out looking fresh. I also loooove seeing the different styles across the globe! When I stumbled upon this sundress featuring multi-color embroidery and silver sequin embellishments it made me yearn for a little girl. The dress screams, "Let's hop a flight to some exotic locale...Morocco here we come!" Paired with a kid's wardrobe staple, a true American classic: the denim jacket, and fashionista flats, you're set for a day exploring the markets. A woven rope cuff always adds a bohemian OR preppy touch to any outfit, depending on which route the other clothes are taking.

With this short sleeve tee featuring days of the week in French, your little ones can look cool and learn to speak another language. Bonjour! The distressed edges provide a great vintage feel, obviously acquired through all of its travels. Camo shorts are perfect for all sorts of summer adventures (whether they be across the world or in the back yard), and nothing beats a heavy-duty woven belt and great pair of slip on shoes, especially when they're a classic like Converse. A cotton twill sport cap allows for sightseeing all day long and adds to the overall look with a burst of color. The jean jacket, and bracelet for that matter, can be shared between brother and sister - can't beat that! Happy travels!

xoxo Sheridan


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