Friday, July 23, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger's New Plaza Apt in Bazaar

I hope you all have wonderful weekend. Here are some photos to swoon over of Tommy Hilfiger's new apartment at the Plaza Hotel in New York. How stellar is that entryway? I mean don't you look like that running out the door in your white suit and matching Baby Bjorn in the morning?

This dramatic pirate-inspired toddler room for son Sebastian is pretty remarkable. This is no Pottery Barn boat bed, this one looks custom designed to me. I really like the storage at the end for the stuffed animals.

The lavender daughter's room is a fun bold statement. The monogrammed pillows and diamond painted grey and and white floor are my favorite aspects here. Can't really tell but I bet the chandelier is pretty amazing too!

A cute photo of the whole family, my guess is that this is in one of the other daughter's rooms? Perhaps the oldest? Obviously someone who loves Mickey!

Just for good measure, I had to put in the photo of the kitchen since behind children's rooms I'm obsessed with kitchen design. The bistro feel of this one is spectacular. The back Bloom Baby highchair just blends in perfectly!

Photos by Douglas Friedman, courtesy of Bazaar Magazine


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