Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bella Notte Swatch Sale

I've decided to clean our my sample closet and man was it time! I have a few things for sale and will post one item each week so that I don't bombard you with my mini sample sale.

The first item up is a box full of discontinued Bella Notte fabric samples for sale. They are perfect for making quilts, and for creating anything in a patchwork pattern or if you want to make any mini clothing pieces for your daughter's dolls. The box is 17 x 11 x 14 inches and completely full of 7.5 x 9.5 inch fabric samples. I'm selling it for $80 which includes the cost of ground shipping to you (in the US). Please shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing the fabrics: nurserynotations@gmail.com

Here are some photos from the Bella Notte website so that you can get a feel for the fabrics that are in the box.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lovely Fabric Wall Decals from Australia

I ran across this company called Mae while reading through Papier Mache on-line magazine today. They create lovely fabric wall decals which are removable and meant to be played with by your little one. What I like about these decals is that the fabric gives them a softer and more delicate look than the traditional solid-color decals. They come in girly, earthy and retro color waves and are suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Here are some of my favorites:

The complete collection is also available on their Etsy store here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Temporary Wallpaper

Are you afraid of wallpaper commitment? If so, 2 Modern has a solution for you. Temporary removable wallpaper. Yes and it is actually cute and affordable.

Here are the new designs from Tempaper:

Tusk Tots, this one could work in a modern or traditional room

Nice for a bathroom or for a kid who likes fish like my son. I also like the subtle blue with punches of yellow.

On a side not, all of a sudden I have this new love of yellow, could it be taking over my turquoise fetish?

Although Edie does not scream baby, I think it would look wonderful paired with white modern furniture, turquoise or fuchsia bedding and a flokati rug.

Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer Weekend

Our summer weather has just begun here in Manhattan Beach so I plan to take full advantage of the sun, sand, and surf with my family this weekend. I hope you have a happy and safe weekend and don't forget the sunscreen!

First image via Alicia Bock Gallery, a very talented photographer who uses vintage polaroid cameras to capture moments. If you have an hour and need some photography for your home, she is definitely worth the look.'

Second image via my mom of my son Tripp. :)

Bunk Room Post on Remodelista

If you love the idea of bunk rooms as much as I do, hop on over to Remodelista today to check out their photos. I especially like that they have accumulated a grouping of photos from around the world to see other country's takes on bunk rooms. Theirs are much simpler than ours.

I think I'm drawn to bunk rooms because I love the idea of kids learning to coexist, share and sleep together (kind of like camp). Plus having a space where they sleep and a separate space where they play is ideal. That way when they go into their bedroom they know it is time for storytime, nap and/or bed.

images via Remodelista ( of Alys in Florida & Marie Claire Maison)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Otomi Fabrics in Children's Rooms

One of my favorite daily blog reads, Coco & Kelly, had a wonderful post yesterday on Otomi fabrics. (Image above via the post and Domino Magazine). Otomi fabrics are those bright vivid patters of cut out fabric in shapes of flora and fauna on white fabric. They are made by the Otomi Indians of Mexico and come in an array of color waves. These look familiar because they are often used as placemat, table runners, table cloths and now more popular than ever as bedspreads, especially in children's rooms.

image via Table Tonic

They work wonderfully well in a modern setting paired with white furniture and white walls.

image via Cookie Magazine

The photos below are from a home in Cabo San Lucas as seen on the blog House of Turquoise this week. The home was designed by Marshall Watson and as you can see many of the bedrooms in the home use Otomi fabrics either as bedspreads or as pillowcases. The whole house is a spectacular casual Mexican getaway. This would be my dream Cabo house for sure.

Otomi Bedspread, I think the teal might be my favorite.
I like it paired with the traditional hotel-inspired embroidered sheets.

Otomi used on the pillowcases.
Stripes are used to help add a masculine touch to this boys room.

And the girl's room, Otomi used on the pillows again, just a splash of embroidery to pull all the colors of the room together. And teal used again! Love it!

My sister-in law Amy actually has a large orange Otomi tablecloth framed and hangs it as artwork in the hallway her home in Sydney and it looks stunning. I apologize for the bad photograph, I took it from one of her photos pasted on Facebook so it might be a little blurry but at least you get the idea.

Links to purchase your own Otomi fabric include The Mexican Textile Store and Jacaranda (thank you Coco & Kelly for the suggestions), Table Tonic and if you are in Mexico anytime soon, they can usually be found at almost every market. I know I have seen them in Cabo, San Miguel, and Laredo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Sophisticated Dorm Room

In the spirit of back to school, I had to share this dorm room with you that was in the home design section of New York Magazine a few months ago. Maximilian Sinsteden (and yes I'm guessing he goes by Maximilian and not Max) is a college senior at Drew University in Madison New Jersey, and has already interned with Charlotte Moss. (He actually already has his own interior design company!)

As you can see his dorm room is anything but minimal but is incredibly interesting and oh so Ralph Lauren. I like how his ties are displayed almost as art and he even has a chic little bar set up in the corner.

Ideas which could be carried over to a nursery are the layered oriental carpets and the gallery style collection of wall decor.

Thank you to Elements of Style showing me this room in your post today.

Labels for Back to School

I just went to orientation a few weeks ago for my little one's toddler program which starts in a few weeks. One of the requirements was for him to have his name on EVERYTHING. Extra clothes, sippy cups, blankets, shoes you name it. If they bring it in, it needs a name or it may not return. So I began my search for name tags...

Here are few of my favorites:

The first I purchased just last week were from Emily Press Labels (pictured above), after this post on Project Nursery. My labels showed up in less than a week and look great. They are stylish, functional and affordable. They have waterproof, dishwasher and laundry safe labels big and small. To get 10% off your next order, enter code PROJ10 at checkout.

Now if your child has allergies or medical alerts, these Allergy & Medical Alert Labels from Name Bubbles are another a wonderful source.

They also have a large selection of dishwasher safe and waterproof labels.

If you don't trust these sticker labels in your dishwasher or making it through multiple sink washes, these personalized bands from BumpyName Orbit Label to put around your sippy cups and bottles are fabulous and will not fall off.

I also have these for my son and love them, thanks Christy for this source!

And not to leave out those of you with older kids, I think these personalized water bottles from Em Tanner Designs are so cute!

Happy Back to School Shopping!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outfits for the Last Days of Summer

It is time for our monthly fashion inspiration: an end of summer splash of color from Sheridan French of The Southern Eclectic.

With fall just around the corner, I am squeezing in every last ounce of color possible into these last few weeks of summer trying to get the most miles out of a bright wardrobe. Children always seem to glow in an outfit taking more than one cue from Roy G. Biv, too, don't they? I turned to Hanna Anderson this month - a great brand with even better prices, and just as important, their clothes are truly comfortable for kids to wear.

Selecting just one of their dresses to feature was a task in itself, as all of them are bursting with colors, whether in the form of polka dots, plaids, or in the case, psychedelic paisleys. On a sweet and simple tunic dress, an extremely bold pattern becomes downright adorable. Charming details like off-center buttons and ruching at the sleeves make for a precious get up. (Even better - pair it with leggings or layers for the fall). With so many colors to choose from in the fabric, accessories are a cinch. The original salt-water sandal from Sun-Sun (remember those ladies?!) are making a big comeback and work with everything from ocean wading to birthday parties and everything in between. Finishing touches like a felt flower clip (or two) for the hair and my favorite nail polish brand of all time - Essie - in pink parka keep the whimsically of the outfit just right.

One of my favorite reasons to love Hanna Anderson are their fantastic tees for boys. These puppies just keep getting better and better. In a myriad of colors and styles, these pure organic cotton shirts are incredibly soft against the skin , come through the wash week in and week out looking as good as new, and are tough enough to last as real hand-me-downs through brothers, sisters, and cousins galore. Coupling a tee with great canvas cotton shorts, brushed and washed for broken-in character, is a great way to go, especially if you can find shorts in an equally fun and complimentary color to have plenty of J. Crew's friendship bracelets to hand out on the playground.

Happy end of Summer :)
xoxo Sheridan...The Southern Eclectic

Monday, August 23, 2010

New from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child has now created a child's collection that compliments their new distressed vintage look and I LOVE IT! This look works well at the beach, in the desert and in the mountains. Well really anywhere! Here is a brief summary of the new collections but I suggest stopping by their site for a closer look of all the endless options!

The Jameson Collection made of antiqued natural hardwood.

The Kenwood collection made of driftwood.
(Love this one for a beach house.)

The Hampton Collection made of weathered oak.

The French Wing Collection highlighted by linen upholstery and silver patina case pieces.

The Emelia Collection made of wood stained in a french grey finish.

The Millbrook Iron Collection is a new collection of iron cribs available in distressed white and antique bronze finishes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ticings, Dress Up Your Desserts

Looking for a way to dress up your homemade desserts for a birthday party or shower? Ticings is your answer. To read more visit my post on Project Nursery here.