Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giant LEGO Storage Boxes

Bambino Goodies just announced today that these adorable Giant LEGO storage boxes are now available for pre-order! I'm loving them for a modern toddler room or playroom. Really what better place to store Legos and Blocks?

The Lego Boxes come in red, white, pink, yellow, bright blue, and dark green and are available in large and medium sizes. I think they would look really cute stacked in the Expedit Bookcases from Ikea and really like them under the bed. They even make a yellow storage head. (But this one might be a little creepy.)

The storage LEGOS are made especially for the British retailer Store so your shipping costs to the United States will be a little high. I just wonder how hard they are to open and how heavy they are?


  1. I LOVE these! Would love to see one in person...

  2. I bought some black ones in denmark for my boys. My 4 year old will need help to open them, but they look great :)

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