Monday, August 2, 2010

Surf-inspired Rooms

Since the sun has finally decided to come out in Manhattan Beach and the beach is swarming with volleyball players and surfers, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few photos of some surf-inspired rooms.

This first room is actually a hotel room in a hotel called Casa Surf Project in Laguna Beach. Each room in the 10 room hotel is designed by a separate designer to represent a separate company. This is the Rip Curl Suite 314. Marine blue, white and turquoise are the dominating colors in the room.

The giant photomural is pretty spectacular and the complete look of the room could easily be replicated in your own son's bedroom. (Wallpaper design company Roll Out can custom make wallpapers for you from your own photo.) Or you can buy one from Pottery Barn Teen.

The room was designed by Debbie Nassetta of Roomscapes.

image via Coco Cozy, room designed by Ghislaine Vinas

The next room is of a nursery in a Montauk beach house. Really how much bolder can you go with orange in a room? Mandarine walls and carpet? This room must get flooded with light. This is a fun, fresh, energetic, and exciting nursery. Not exactly calming but wonderfully playful for beach house intended for use only a few months out of the year.


  1. This decor would be great for that beach house that is number one on this years Christmas List =) hint hint Santa!

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