Sunday, August 29, 2010

Temporary Wallpaper

Are you afraid of wallpaper commitment? If so, 2 Modern has a solution for you. Temporary removable wallpaper. Yes and it is actually cute and affordable.

Here are the new designs from Tempaper:

Tusk Tots, this one could work in a modern or traditional room

Nice for a bathroom or for a kid who likes fish like my son. I also like the subtle blue with punches of yellow.

On a side not, all of a sudden I have this new love of yellow, could it be taking over my turquoise fetish?

Although Edie does not scream baby, I think it would look wonderful paired with white modern furniture, turquoise or fuchsia bedding and a flokati rug.


  1. That sure beats the stick on decals! What a find!! Now, if only they'd do an Otomi print...

  2. I love tempaper I bought the Damsel Black on for my living room, looks amazing