Thursday, September 30, 2010

Los Angeles Heat Wave

We have been experiencing record breaking heat this week in Los Angeles. Yes 113 might not seem high for those of you in Texas but remember that many of us here, especially those who live by the beach do not have air conditioning. And when the air is stagnant it is downright hot! Melisa from Project Nursery was even out of power for 12 hours yesterday because the power grids have been shutting down since everyone who has AC is turning it up.

Now why am I writing this? Well turns out my router which is in my garage over heated and is not working properly. So I have sporadic access if any to the internet. So that means you will be without posts for the rest of the week until I receive my new one and get all set up again. Thank you for bearing with me and bring on Fall already!

A thank you to my friend for letting me come over to your air conditioned house and letting me write this post on your computer! Till next week!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspirational Studies

What a wonderful study/homework room for two little boys. The bold vertical stripes and the clear tulip chairs help make this an inspiring and clutter free modern study room. The doors between the desk allow ample space to store A+ assignments and school supplies.

Image via Hall Ready designed by Nathan Egan

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stepping into Fall

Isabel Marant, famous Parisian designer, created a bohemian-chic mini fashion collection for little boys and girls. The collection is very muted which I typically NEVER go for (just take a look at my Spring 2011 collection and you'll see what I mean) but hear me out: Nearly EVERY piece in the entire collection is unisex AND completely adaptable for mixing and matching...amazing, yes?! YES. Anything that saves cash these days gets 5 gold stars in my book, and what could be better than getting double the wear out of clothing? Nada.

Several plaid shirts are in Isabel's line. I know what you are thinking: plaid? Really? Yes, really. Take a look before you jump to a conclusion about plaid as they really are great. This navy and sage one is my favorite, but all of the color options feature a toned-in buttoned placket and flap patch pockets on the chest closed by two small buttons. With details like that you really can't go wrong! These pants are a perfect shade of grey in my opinion (also available in khaki) and will honestly go with everything. Plus, with their elastic waistband and slim cut for a rock'n'roll attitude what's not to like? Pair with a 100% on trend wool coat and Spring Court sneakers - which will never go out of fashion by the way - and you have a great look perfect for back to school.

The mohair sweater Isabel designed is a great fit to warm up all outfits this season. Flared cut plus rounded collar plus large stripes = formula for success. I was so in love with those grey trousers I had to go a bit overboard with the shade and select the grey velvet skirt as well. Again, with an elastic waistband and straight cut, it is a very fashionable choice. Wear with tights on a cool day; this pair has a touch of glittery lurex in them to really add a fancy touch little girls will adore. Beautiful sand colored suede boots are both comfortable and stylish, and with details like this these are not to be passed by! (Where can I get a pair?) Top the ensemble off with an refined accessory, this one featuring a pearl and a pompom, to complete the look.

Now, I absolutely could not live with myself if I didn't include a Serena & Lily Puffer Backpack. I am over the moon for these gems! I ordered an orange one for my son - he's only 1 and just started "school" two mornings per he needs it - but I just couldn't help myself. I was even more impressed by its shiny glory in person! They aren't cheap, but by the looks of it I will be shocked if it doesn't hold up for years and years. I do have to say it is small, which is great for us as we hardly have more than a lunch box and sippy cup to stuff inside, but for older children it might not work as well. Folders and spiral notebooks will fit just fine, but in my opinion a large lunch box would not. Still, they are fantastic, stylish and oh so chic. I want one in every color (there are eight in all). LOVE!

xoxo Sheridan

Sunday, September 26, 2010

School Lunch Tips Delivered With Style

A great image to inspire you this week to dress a little sassier, even in your hectic motherly life. Plus some wonderful tips from Catherine McCord of Weelicious (a recipe blog to inspire healty food for children's and adult consumption). Here is a link to the article from the Celebrity Babies Blog on People.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Friday

Since it is Friday and fall is already here, I felt like I should share a wonderful adult clothing line with you to get you in the fall shopping mood.

The line is called Troubadour and was developed by a friend of mine from college named Lindsey Carter. Here are a few looks from the fall collection, all perfect for a date night out or if you need a piece for a fall wedding. Her styles have a soft wearable edge to them and the designs can work anywhere from Los Angeles to Dallas to Charleston. To purchase the looks above and to see their entire collection, visit their website here.

They were also just featured on Daily Candy today, to read the article click here.
Congrats Lindsey!

P.S. I just saw a look into her Spring collection here on Facebook the other day and it is stunning and so wearable.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Offbeat Stripes

Who said stripes had to be straight?

image via House & Home

image via Design Sponge

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ceiling Stripes

No one can get this iconic nursery designed by Jenna Lyon of J. Crew (featured in Domino) out of their head. We all want it. Is it the black wall, black and yellow combo, mixture of modern and vintage or the spectacular striped ceiling?

Regardless, Jenna has fueled a movement towards painting the are a few more examples.

image and nursery via Sheridan French of The Southern Eclectic

image via Decor Demon

Milo's Nursery on Gossip Girl

A quick divergence from stripes....

I'm sure most of you actually watch Gossip Girl as a guilty pleasure. And if you do I know you saw Milo's adorable nursery on Monday night's episode. If you were wondering where to find the adorable orange monkey wallpaper it is called Mavis the Monkey by Bhlou, and I actually blogged about it months ago here on my wallpaper post. Pricey but adorable (but we all know Lily can afford it). And speaking of Lily, #1 where does she get all those fabulous necklaces, and #2 does this mom ever not look like she is stepping out to a cocktail party? Seriously they could show her in a yoga outfit or at least some skinny jeans and a t-shirt once!

BTW, congrats to Netto Collection on the double plug on the episode for their furniture. Think someone on the show is friends with David Netto? Well his furniture is fabulous!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Solo Stripe

image via Duc Duc

Now that we have seen your traditional stripe designs, it is time to look at some more unusual ideas. The single stripe is also making a strong movement into the children's design world. Mostly seen in modern design it creates a unique visual interest in a room, and almost serves as artwork on its own.

image via Ohdeedoh

A similar single stripe, this time closer to the ground. The image below has it a little higher. I'm estimating that these stripes are about 18" in height.

image via Ohdeedoh

The image below is a traditional take and actually reminds me of a rugby shirt. I like how the name is placed in the middle stripe.

image via flickr

image via Remodelista

The large vertical kelly green stripes in the photo above serve as an extension of the rustic headboards. An interesting combination to have the barn-like furniture & accessories paired with such dramatic stripes. You can't help but focus on the stripes (similar to the rooms below).

image via and room by Burnham Design

Now this room is my favorite of the bunch. I like the ribbon-line design of the painted stripes and how it extends to the ceiling. And of course it is of turquoise my favorite color (yellow is now a close second).

These next two photos have the same idea, are different rooms but seem to be by the same designer. Look how they both even have the carpet paralleling the wall and ceiling stripe. A lot of pink, but I'm sure the girls who live in them love it!

image via Deco Peques

image via Freshome

What do you think of these new stripe designs?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hot Horizontal Stripes

design and image via Angie Hranowsky Design

The horizontal stripe = hard to paint, but it makes a room seem wider and is oh so cool. This decorative painting style be becoming more and more popular and is popping up everywhere. Most of the stripe photos that I have saved on my computer are horizontal and now I'm happy to share them with you and get them off my desktop for a while. Enjoy!

image via Project Nursery

design by and image via Massucco Warner Miller

design by and image via Julie Richard of Shelter

design by and image via Andrika King Design

image via New Arrivals

source unknown

image via Freshome

image & design by Erika Ward of Blue Label Bungalow

design by Mary McDonald

image via Blog Holamama

image via Blog Holamama

image via Southern Living

image via Nest Egg

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vive Le Stripe

image via Project Nursery

Long live the stripe! I'm seeing stripes everywhere and even using them myself in my designs. To help pass the inspiration, I'm devoting the next fews days to the stripe. We'll be reviewing the vertical, horizontal, ceiling and artistic use of the stripe on walls.

For today, here are some photos of the vertical. The easiest kind to paint.

image via Layla Grayce from Romantic Homes Magazine of one of the owner's (Wendy Estes) daughter's room, featuring Bella Notte Bedding.

For a traditional look, use muted colors such as the taupe and white in this image via New Arrivals

The extra wide blue on blue stripes are dramatic yet not too bold,
image via Desire to Inspire blog

The washed out turquoise stripes here are soothing and modern,

I like the single wall of dark grey stripes paired with the complimentary walls,
image via Ohdeedoh

Tory Burch's sons' room from Vogue magazine features a very thin almost pinstripe look

And some extremely vibrant modern vertial stripes via Ohdeedoh

Rue Magazine is Live

If you are searching for something to do on an overcast Sunday (that is what we are experienceing here), take an hour to virtually flip through Rue Magazine. It's debut issue came out this week and has some wonderful features. No children's spaces to speak of but my a few of my favorite pages are from the shopping section.

And if you have more time and like virtual magazines, don't forget to look though Lonny and Nesting Newbies.