Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bugaboo's Double Debut

Yup it is official, Bugaboo has officially debuted it double stroller! Although it is not available until Spring of 2011, I'll have more photos for you of the beast in October after I see the sample at the ABC show in Las Vegas.

The great thing about this stroller, aka the "donkey" is that it is only 29 inches wide, supposedly the narrowest side-by-side high end stroller on the market. It has all of the same adjustable flexibility of the the original plus you can also attach the toddler board to fit three! The second seat faces rear and is also removable so that you can use the empty space to store shopping bags or your child's plethora of toys and scooters.

For more details on the release visit Cool Mom Picks.

some close-up images...


  1. I NEED! Any idea what the price tag on this puppy is? (Do I want to know??)

  2. I'll find out the price in a month, guessing around $1500..