Thursday, September 30, 2010

Los Angeles Heat Wave

We have been experiencing record breaking heat this week in Los Angeles. Yes 113 might not seem high for those of you in Texas but remember that many of us here, especially those who live by the beach do not have air conditioning. And when the air is stagnant it is downright hot! Melisa from Project Nursery was even out of power for 12 hours yesterday because the power grids have been shutting down since everyone who has AC is turning it up.

Now why am I writing this? Well turns out my router which is in my garage over heated and is not working properly. So I have sporadic access if any to the internet. So that means you will be without posts for the rest of the week until I receive my new one and get all set up again. Thank you for bearing with me and bring on Fall already!

A thank you to my friend for letting me come over to your air conditioned house and letting me write this post on your computer! Till next week!


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