Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kidcentric Shopping Event at Modnique is Live!

I've been waiting for this sale all week and it is finally here! The Kidcentric Event at Modnique.

The sale is only live from today (the 23rd through the 26th). They have an assortment of kids products such as raincoats and umbrellas from Kidorable, a large selection of diaper bags, bibs, jewelry, as wells as adorable plush rockers from Rockabye Rockers. Definitely worth a stop in today to take a look while your little one is napping or after they have gone to bed tonight.

As an added bonus, on top of already reduced prices, new customer will receive $5 to use towards their first purchase upon registering with Modnique. Customers can also use code "VIP" to receive an additional $10 off their order. That is potentially $15 in additional savings just for shopping in the next few days. So hurry on over and stock up. I'm personally getting some umbrellas and raincoats for holiday gifts for my favorite little ones.

(Oh and while you are there, pick up yourself a pair of Versace sunglasses or an Oakley watch, seriously they have something for everyone today! )


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