Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off to Charleston

I'm off to Charleston tomorrow for a a New Years wedding. I'll be back to regular posting next Wednesday upon my arrival back to Manhattan Beach. I apologize for the scarcity over the holidays but I intentionally did not bring a lap top with me to help make this a true vacation and the computer at my mom's house is a tad slow, so not the best to blog with.

Have a wonderful last day of 2010 and I welcome 2011!

On a side note...GO FROGS!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at My Mom's

Just a little peek at the photo of the tree above, you can see that my mom takes Christmas decorating very seriously. Especially on a year like this, when all 5 children and her 4 grandchildern are visiting from all over the US and some from Sydney too. The most astounding thing about all this is that she puts up and takes down all the decorations by herself. The tree takes two days to decorate, being that it is almost 12 feet tall.

Every nook and crany in the house has a bit of holiday spash. Nothing to gimickey, just done very tastefully so that it blends into the rest of the holiday decor. I keep telling her that she needs to get it professionally photographed and submitted to a publication one year. Maybe this post will help to make it happen!

Some natural greenery, pine cones, antlers, and pheasant feathers create an intriguing centerpiece. Notice how the basket of mandarines adds that unexpected complimentary pop of color?

Her mantle, again filled with greenery and rustic lodge elements. This is not a great photograph as the wood panelling in the room always creates a reflection, but I still wanted to share.

The angel at the base of the stairwell in the main entrance of the house.

An entryway table with some angels, trees and perfect bows attached to the candlestick sconces. Don't you love that holiday cat?

The morning room on Christmas breakfast. This room has a beautiful glow at night when the candles are all lit too. She paitned the pinecones in this room silver to match the mercury trees.

A close up of her "casual" breakfast place setting.

There is even a tree in the kitchen on the center island. This one features ornaments that were collected over the years on their travels with the family.

The Elf on the Shelf hiding out on some mini antlers in the kitchen, decorated with ribbon of course.

A secretary vignete in the living room.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

image from Coastal Living

This is the only tree image that I have seen so far this year that compares in size to the tree at my mom's house in Fort Worth. The photos are taken and will be shared on Christmas Day with the rest of the amazing holiday decorations at her house! So stay tuned. (If you are craving some more beautiful holiday images like the one above, visit Habitually Chic's holiday post here.
Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families and friends.

Oversized Modern Artwork

Find out where to get these pices of oversized modern artwork for your little one's room here on my post at Project Nursery.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polar Bear Bookshelf

In honor of me taking my son to see the Polar Express at the IMAX today, how about this Polar Bear Bookshelf? A bit pricey but almost more of a sculpture and it is definitely something that your neighbor won't have.

Available in glossy white or brushed black. White definitely!

A special thank you to Farell to sharing this with me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vicente Wolfe on a Budget

Even big-time designers like the challenge of designing on a budget. Here are three teen rooms which Vicente Wolf designed for under $30,000 (ok well budget for him). Each room is very different from the other. I'm assuming they are all in the same house.

My favorite is the boy's room above.

The idea of using cardboard tubes mounted to the wall for a headboard is genius and so different.

To read more about these rooms and the sources for their furnishings visit Vicente's Blog here.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Guest Blogging at Party Resources Today

Stop by Party Resources today to see more of my suggestions for last minute children's gifts under $50.

Kate also had a fabulous post this week full of inspirational photos for children's parties. Check it out here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspirational Playrooms

I just visited a client today in the Palisades and we're changing a current bedroom into a grade school playroom. Here are a few inspirational photos that helped me get the juices flowing. All very different on different budget levels, yet still all inspiring.

The glass orange pendant below steals the show in this stark white playroom:

A quaint playroom in the attic of Barbara Garfield's home featured in Coastal Living. I like how the books become artwork when displayed on top of the short windows.

image via Chic Coles

A craft wonderland, complete with storage, display, and work surfaces. And check out the oversized paint brush and palette:

image via DecoPeques

The simplicity of the painted tree trunks and the custom slide with hiding space below is modern genius.

image via OhDeedOh

Another craft room - absolutely HUGE and wonderful, seriously where is this? Oh, in Atlanta for a show house, that makes more sense :)

image via Project Nursery, designed by the Milieu Design Group

For those of you who have a playroom off the kitchen or family room, this is a nice design using sophisticated colors which do not scream toddler. I'm a big fan of the eggplant and large white molding.

image via Decorology designed by Rachel Reider

Yet another room which could work as an adult seating area or a playroom:

image via Odi et Amo

Honestly this one is one of my favorites, with the mini game table and custom toy boxes.

image via Elle Decor

A wonderful way to hide all those toys; behind Ikea cabinets.

image via Oh Deed Oh from Shiso Mama

The orange cubitec shelving below adds a fun pop of color and is easy on the budget, but buyers beware, we are having the hardest time finding storage baskets that are 15" to fit into them to hide toys.

image via Remodelista

A traditional playroom with plenty of seating for mom and dad & friends. The stripe couch is a nice touch as it hides stains and is a playful punch of color. I also like the cork or grasscloth wall where the personal desk are to allow for plenty of space to display artwork and to-do's.

Another playroom just off a common living space:

image via Oh Deed Oh

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas In Manhattan Beach

I'm busy finishing up some projects and posts for next week before I head back home to Texas for the holidays. So in the meantime, I wanted to give you a look into Christmas in Manhattan Beach!

I decided to decorate sparsely this year since I'll be out of town so much.

My holiday decorations on the console behind my couch. Yes my mother-in-law made that Santa, fabulous isn't it?

My buffet featuring my favorite antique Ukrainian icon and an antique Italian cross which we received as a wedding present.

My "playroom" aka "living room". Like the decal snowflakes? They are reusable and from Wee Decor. I love using them to add a little bit of wishful snow thinking to our life in Southern California.

My little guy and a "real santa" at the Holiday Open House.

Me and Tripp with a "younger" Santa a holiday cookie exchange party.

Where is the tree? Only did a table one this year, photos coming soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Floral Nursery

While checking my blogroll today I saw this sophisticated feminine modern-french inspired nursery on Sketch 42 and wanted to show you all. The Louis crib & changer by the Netto Collection was a perfect choice for this room!

If you like the look of the flowers on the wall and don't want to bother with the labor intensive process and cost of porcelain flowers, these from Chiasso are a wonderful alternative.

To see more photos of this creative room visit Sketch 42 here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just for Kids...

And finally, my gift guide for the children in your life:
This naturally scented modeling dough will awaken your child's creative side without too much mess. A wonderful stocking stuffer.

If you child loves Thomas as much as mine does, they are going to go crazy over the battery powered engine.

Suitable for any child 1 year + . Complete with a voice amplifier microphone this kitty can record and plays 20 pre-recorded songs. (Plus I think it is cute)

My love of Toms just got stronger with the expansion of the kids line.

Children's room decorations that you can play with! Simply modern and stunning.

You can draw on it, you can fold it up and you can feel good that it is made out of recycled cardboard!

Need something for the older kid in your family? This instant mini polaroid camera will keep them entertained for hours (and hopefully off their phones for a few minutes). Unfortunately these are hard to find on-line now so check your local stores.

Sick of the kitchen? Head to the BBQ, complete with wooden kabobs!

Skip the training wheels and let your child learn how to balance from the beginning.

Also, don't forget to donate to the Salvation Army, to food banks or your local charity over the holiday season. Every bit helps and makes a difference.