Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at My Mom's

Just a little peek at the photo of the tree above, you can see that my mom takes Christmas decorating very seriously. Especially on a year like this, when all 5 children and her 4 grandchildern are visiting from all over the US and some from Sydney too. The most astounding thing about all this is that she puts up and takes down all the decorations by herself. The tree takes two days to decorate, being that it is almost 12 feet tall.

Every nook and crany in the house has a bit of holiday spash. Nothing to gimickey, just done very tastefully so that it blends into the rest of the holiday decor. I keep telling her that she needs to get it professionally photographed and submitted to a publication one year. Maybe this post will help to make it happen!

Some natural greenery, pine cones, antlers, and pheasant feathers create an intriguing centerpiece. Notice how the basket of mandarines adds that unexpected complimentary pop of color?

Her mantle, again filled with greenery and rustic lodge elements. This is not a great photograph as the wood panelling in the room always creates a reflection, but I still wanted to share.

The angel at the base of the stairwell in the main entrance of the house.

An entryway table with some angels, trees and perfect bows attached to the candlestick sconces. Don't you love that holiday cat?

The morning room on Christmas breakfast. This room has a beautiful glow at night when the candles are all lit too. She paitned the pinecones in this room silver to match the mercury trees.

A close up of her "casual" breakfast place setting.

There is even a tree in the kitchen on the center island. This one features ornaments that were collected over the years on their travels with the family.

The Elf on the Shelf hiding out on some mini antlers in the kitchen, decorated with ribbon of course.

A secretary vignete in the living room.


  1. Your mother's taste is impeccable...she is my kind of gal! Merry Christmas to your family. I think the best present your mother got this year was having all of her children and grandchildren in one room on Christmas morning!

  2. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas. I'l post some more shots next week,(even though I'm sure everyone is already sick of the holidays and ready for some black-eyed peas!)