Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas In Manhattan Beach

I'm busy finishing up some projects and posts for next week before I head back home to Texas for the holidays. So in the meantime, I wanted to give you a look into Christmas in Manhattan Beach!

I decided to decorate sparsely this year since I'll be out of town so much.

My holiday decorations on the console behind my couch. Yes my mother-in-law made that Santa, fabulous isn't it?

My buffet featuring my favorite antique Ukrainian icon and an antique Italian cross which we received as a wedding present.

My "playroom" aka "living room". Like the decal snowflakes? They are reusable and from Wee Decor. I love using them to add a little bit of wishful snow thinking to our life in Southern California.

My little guy and a "real santa" at the Holiday Open House.

Me and Tripp with a "younger" Santa a holiday cookie exchange party.

Where is the tree? Only did a table one this year, photos coming soon!


  1. How lovely of you to share your home and beautiful family! You son reminds me of my son with his look and blond hair. Enjoy your travels.

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