Monday, December 13, 2010

Just for Kids...

And finally, my gift guide for the children in your life:
This naturally scented modeling dough will awaken your child's creative side without too much mess. A wonderful stocking stuffer.

If you child loves Thomas as much as mine does, they are going to go crazy over the battery powered engine.

Suitable for any child 1 year + . Complete with a voice amplifier microphone this kitty can record and plays 20 pre-recorded songs. (Plus I think it is cute)

My love of Toms just got stronger with the expansion of the kids line.

Children's room decorations that you can play with! Simply modern and stunning.

You can draw on it, you can fold it up and you can feel good that it is made out of recycled cardboard!

Need something for the older kid in your family? This instant mini polaroid camera will keep them entertained for hours (and hopefully off their phones for a few minutes). Unfortunately these are hard to find on-line now so check your local stores.

Sick of the kitchen? Head to the BBQ, complete with wooden kabobs!

Skip the training wheels and let your child learn how to balance from the beginning.

Also, don't forget to donate to the Salvation Army, to food banks or your local charity over the holiday season. Every bit helps and makes a difference.


  1. Great round up. You've reminded me that I have to order Tom's for my daughter. I have a pair and they are such a treat to wear, so comfortable!