Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Kids Rooms in Rue

Two more kids rooms for you in issue 3 of Rue Magazine:

Designer Tamara Kaye-Honey's son's room has an eclectic vibe with a collection of vintage ships setting the tone for the room. That oversized ruler is pretty awesome too.

Daughter Phia's room is very sophisticated, the only thing that hints that a little girl sleeps here is the Blah Blah doll on the bed.

The last one is a boy's room in Suzanna Salk's (author of Room for Children) lakefront home. Casual and not overly decorated.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sketch42 Nursery in Rue Magazine

If you liked the crib featured in yesterday's post here it is again. This time featured in the 3rd issue of Rue Magazine. The nursery was designed by and is Nicole Cohen's from the wonderful blog Sketch42. (Her daughter's adorable name is Cookie).

Here is non-professional photo of the room, but you can see the Stark carpet a little better in this one. Her pairing of the traditional wallpaper with modern furniture works beautifully. For a complete list of her sources visit Nicole's blog post here!
That Cabine crib by the Netto Collection sure is making some press ops this week! I love the crib, just wish the drawers on the matching dresser were deeper, they are VERY shallow, although it does look great.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sissy & Marley's Nursery

I'm not sure if you all have heard the buzz about a new high-end baby planning service in New York City, but Sissy & Marley is the name and their new site and services look spectacular.

CafeMom featured Sebastian's (the son of the founders) nursery yesterday and I wanted to share the photos with you. The space is very white and modern yet the dark hardwood floors and texture from the cowhide rug, leather mirror and wool blanket add just the right amount of warmth to make it baby-friendly and cozy.

I want to see the rest of the room, what do the window treatments look like, the closet, and the other two walls? To see a list of the sources on how to make this nursery your own visit CafeMom here. She shares pretty much everything!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

El Mueble Magazine

No time for a real post today besides just sharing some inspiring room design photos. These are from El Mueble magazine in Spain. The girl's room is designed by Clara Valls and is perfectly simple, functional and tastefully done. Neutral yet definitely catches your eye (maybe because it is so organized and neat).

What is interesting, is if you look at almost all of the children's rooms on this site, all of the beds are pushed up against a wall. Not sitting in the middle of the room like most American designs. My assumption is that they are dealing with smaller spaces and don't have dedicated "media" and "playrooms" like we do here in the states so their rooms are multi-functional. Much like those for those of you in New York City (and my house for that matter).

I already know a lot of you are going to ask, the elephant is from Inke. Don't you think the decal is so much more dramatic above the beds? It also functionally helps bring down the tall ceilings in the room. Bravo! Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pigeon Pudding Artwork

I'm finishing up a project for a client here in Manhattan Beach who is from Melbourne and she has these wonderful animal prints (featured above) in her youngest daughter's nursery. I just loved the artistic sketches so much I wanted to share them with you all. They are from a company called Pigeon Pudding in Melbourne, Australia and owned by two mothers Lisa & Elisabetta.

And if these were not cute enough on their own, they are currently on sale for $150 framed and $70 unframed. For a look at the complete gallery click here. Take note that they do ship from Australia.

Haypenny Stroller Mittens

Anyone living in the Northeast is in dire need of these stylish stroller mittens this snowy winter from Haypenny. Available in an array of colors or they can even use your own old sweaters! Makes a great new baby gift that can be used for years!

Those of you in Los Angeles, disregard this post. Another 75 degree day forecasted tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cameo Pillows

Almost all of my clients who have little girls send me this photo as one of their inspirational photos when designing a big girl (toddler room). The room was designed by Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design. Well now you can purchase your own customizable cameo pillow on mwm a la carte. Your colorway of choice for a background is ivory or grey and then simply send them at JPEG profile photo and $395 dollars later the pillow is yours in 8 weeks. (These are fun and unique but not for the budget conscious). Now who can find one on Etsy?

Thank you Nancy from Marcus Design for passing along this info in your post today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rodeo Bound

Oh yes, guess where I will be this weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring Fashion Dreams in January-by Sheridan French

First off I'd like to congratulate Sheridan and her family on the birth of her new little girl last week! I can't wait to see photos of the clothing that she puts her in! Please enjoy her January fashion guest post...

January often has a dreary feel to me - particularly when it comes to fashion - given that the festive holiday season has come to a close and it's back to our every day routines. There is too much grey and black roaming the streets and grocery stores! Keeping color at bay during the winter months is not necessary, especially on little ones. Kick their spirits (and yours) up a notch with punchy pieces that are begging for spring.

Caramel Baby & Child offers wonderful options to fit the bill. Richly colored cardigans, flouncy blouses, and gorgeous-beyond-words skirts and dresses for little girls will always keep you longing for next season. In my opinion their line is comparable to J. Crew when it comes to hip versatility and chic eclecticness. Nearly all their pieces can be mixed and matched for the perfect "I just threw this on my daughter and she looks amazingly adorable and naturally stylish" look. The boys' collection this winter leaves a teensy bit to be desired or me as far as color goes, and if we're being honest when do boys clothes ever really match up to those available for girls, but the rough and tumble yet still put-together look is there in full force. Very British, very cool, and you can't go wrong no matter what you throw on them. Does it get any easier than that?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trio Beds

Apartment Therapy posted an article on this boys room this week and I wanted to share it with you all. Genius ideas on a budget. But I will reiterate that beds on ropes are not very comfortable to sleep in. For vacation or a short period of time, yes a fun novelty, but for everyday sleeping I would not recommend it. Maybe a child thinks otherwise and can overlook the comfort factor but I would not be able to. But do take note on the wonderful simplicity of the other accessories and look of the room.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Congrats Bloume Baby

A special congrats to one of my friends and owner of Bloume Baby in Manhattan Beach Annie Totten! She got a write up in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times! If you missed it, here is the on-line version of the article. Definitely your one stop shop for all your baby organic & environmentally friendly needs from clothing to bedding!

25% Off Layla Grayce Today Only

A client of mine just alerted me that Layla Grayce is offering 25% off almost everything in the store today only through Daily Candy Deals, use code DCDEALS.

Now go out there and shop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucky Kids Magazine

I was reading Lucky Magazine this weekend while sitting by the pool in Palm Desert (please don't hate me East-Coasters) and I came across an advertisement that said Lucky was coming out with a new Lucky kids magazine. There is no website for the magazine yet but supposedly Lucky kids will be published three times a year (April, September & December) and will be available at your local news stands. I'm excited that a physical children's magazine is coming out to replace the void left when Cookie folded. Hopefully they will feature some children's city guides (one of my favorite parts of Lucky) as well as reader discounts and of course some inspirational children's interiors. For more information on the newest Conde Nast publication visit StyleList and visit your local news stands on March 8th!

image above via MoodBoard

Golden Globes Recap

Nothing to do with children's design but my favorite re-cap of the fashion from the Golden Globes can be found at the blog Elements of Style by Erin Gates. A wonderful synopsis and I like her alternative styling ideas too! Emma Stone rocked it BTW!

New Project - A Fresh Boy's Nursery

I wanted to share an e-design project with you all which should be done in a few weeks. The client is just waiting on the furniture pieces to arrive.

A lot of people ask how my e-design services work, for the details read here, but in summary, a client sends me snapshots of the room the be designed and the detailed measurements first. Then I ask them for inspirational photos and to answer a series of detailed questions. Before the design process begins, we have a phone interview and then I start throwing out basic concepts. Once we find a starting point, either with a fabric, piece of artwork, rug or inspirational room I start developing a concept. In a few weeks the client receives a binder with a suggested layout, inspirational design, fabric, paint swatches, and guide on where to purchase the items for the room.

For this client, we started with this fabric as our inspiration:

From there I found some inspirational photos, these were two of them:

image via Project Nursery

And a final design board was created:

Here is an in-progress shot of the room after the pendant was installed and the walls and closet were painted:

And coming soon will be the finished product....stay tuned in a month!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Between The Sheets" Guest Post at Gramercy Home

Please hop over to the blog Gramercy Home (one of my favorite bedding & linen shops in the South Gramercy Home) for my guest post today. We discuss the decision of whether to create a calming or energetic nursery for your little one. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chic French Children's Pillows

Seriously adorable advertisement and pillows right? Childish with just the right amount if French edge. Available at la cerise sur la gateau . From France of course, but they have an on-line shop too!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rainbow House by Ab Rogers

White walls and colorful floors and furniture translate into an interesting and playful house. I can't say that going up and down those spiral stairs would not annoy me everyday but I LOVE the slide down into the kitchen! Hmmm...where can I fit one of those into my house? To be used for kids and laundry!

To view the complete tour visit Minor Details where I first saw this post today. House designed by Ab Rogers and can be found in London.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Kid's Rooms in Lonny!

The January/February issue of Lonny just came out today! Yet another wonderful issue and again thank you for including some children's spaces! This time the rooms featured are a playroom and a boy's room in Marlien Rentmeester's home designed by Hillary Thomas. Both covered in grasscloth, my favorite for children's rooms.

The playroom is bright and airy with minimal furniture to allow for plenty of free play. The lounge bed gives adults a space to relax and cuddle with little ones. I like the child-high shelf under the windows, the perfect spot to display cars and action figures off the floor. Also, notice how the Manuel Canovas window treatments make the room? They along with the toys are the main focus in the room, not the walls, artwork or bed linens.

The second child room shared in this issue is Marlien's son's bedroom. Again grasscloth, to allow for a rotating hole-free display of artwork. The room has a much more calming and serene feel than the playroom It could almost pass for a guest room, but the artwork, mobile and teddy bear gives it away as being a little boy's room.

This last room is not a bedroom but a very child-friendly kitchen. I'm a big fan of the chalkboard paneled refrigerator and freezer doors. Yes it has a bit of a messy look but that is the way your life really is when you have kids. Lots of drawing, schedules and creativity.

Thank you Lonny for a great issue! If you ever need a guest editor or feature...I'm here when you need me!