Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cameo Pillows

Almost all of my clients who have little girls send me this photo as one of their inspirational photos when designing a big girl (toddler room). The room was designed by Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design. Well now you can purchase your own customizable cameo pillow on mwm a la carte. Your colorway of choice for a background is ivory or grey and then simply send them at JPEG profile photo and $395 dollars later the pillow is yours in 8 weeks. (These are fun and unique but not for the budget conscious). Now who can find one on Etsy?

Thank you Nancy from Marcus Design for passing along this info in your post today!


  1. These might work:


  2. There has to be a cheaper way! Blow up a silhouette and cut fabric out and glue it on?? Love these though.

  3. I found these 2.
    Looks like they do nice work.

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/20340664/pillow-pinky-shadow-pillow ($65) - US

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/48210120/personalized-silhouette-pillow-one-face ($35) - Ireland

  4. I actually made these for my mom for Christmas this year. It was super easy- the hardest part was sewing the zipper on! So if you can find a premade pillow you already love, all you need is some fabric paint, a small paint brush, a disappearing ink fabric pen, and a silhouette cutout to trace around. Fill in the outline on the fabric with paint and a day later, you've got designer pillows just for you. She loves them and so do I!