Thursday, January 27, 2011

El Mueble Magazine

No time for a real post today besides just sharing some inspiring room design photos. These are from El Mueble magazine in Spain. The girl's room is designed by Clara Valls and is perfectly simple, functional and tastefully done. Neutral yet definitely catches your eye (maybe because it is so organized and neat).

What is interesting, is if you look at almost all of the children's rooms on this site, all of the beds are pushed up against a wall. Not sitting in the middle of the room like most American designs. My assumption is that they are dealing with smaller spaces and don't have dedicated "media" and "playrooms" like we do here in the states so their rooms are multi-functional. Much like those for those of you in New York City (and my house for that matter).

I already know a lot of you are going to ask, the elephant is from Inke. Don't you think the decal is so much more dramatic above the beds? It also functionally helps bring down the tall ceilings in the room. Bravo! Happy weekend all!


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  2. This is one of the best shelter magazines ever -I've been buying for about 20 years - and their Ninos special is fantastic. Yes, you are right, it's because European sized rooms are in average at least 1/3 smaller! :-)
    So glad to see that one of my favourite bloggers (you) likes one of my favourite magazines! ;-)

  3. Wonderful feature! These are great inspiration for stylish, small kids rooms!

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