Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sketch42 Nursery in Rue Magazine

If you liked the crib featured in yesterday's post here it is again. This time featured in the 3rd issue of Rue Magazine. The nursery was designed by and is Nicole Cohen's from the wonderful blog Sketch42. (Her daughter's adorable name is Cookie).

Here is non-professional photo of the room, but you can see the Stark carpet a little better in this one. Her pairing of the traditional wallpaper with modern furniture works beautifully. For a complete list of her sources visit Nicole's blog post here!
That Cabine crib by the Netto Collection sure is making some press ops this week! I love the crib, just wish the drawers on the matching dresser were deeper, they are VERY shallow, although it does look great.


  1. Thanks for posting my daughters nursery! I just want to add that cookie made those two paintings above the chair, and that the one of the dolls was made by me when I was 9! My grandma kept if for all these years...

    VERY good call on the drawers being shallow! Its almost unbearable!!! The best thing about the Cabine Crib, however, is the drawer below! We use it to store all of Cookies toys. Its great because she can get them out herself- and put them back too!

    Im due to have another baby in a few weeks, check back on my blog because my grandmother hand-sews every basinet for every grandchild and great-grandchild she has! The one she is making for me looks like its going to be gorgeous!!

  2. Loving the Netto Collection. Just discovered it a few days ago. BRILLIANT!

  3. Your daughter is a budding artist like her mother! I framed my son's first paintings too, they are up in our living room (holding space until I can find the right piece of art)! I'll keep an eye out for the bassinet!

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