Monday, February 28, 2011

"Said What?" Keepsake Journal Giveaway

Once you child turns one and a half or two, they start saying the darndest things. Yes now with our smart phones we can record their voices or even a video but what if you want some place to write your favorite sayings and funniest stories down?

Well the new book "Said What?" by Casey Shuler Tidwell is your answer. It is 94 pages long and has pre-designated spaces for you to jot down the date, your child's age, the location, who was there, and what was said. It is 8" x 8" so fits nicely into any bookcase and will be something that your child cherishes when they are older like their baby book. The colorful illustrations, pages and front cover help inspire you to be creative in your descriptions.

This week the author Casey Shuler Tidwell will be giving one away to one of our Nursery Notations readers, a $20 value. To enter into the drawing please post a comment below or on our Facebook page. Good luck, the winner will be announced on Friday!

Killer Kicks from ATEAM

Goodbye Crocs, hello Native! The Crocs of 2011 have arrived. Not only are they cooler and more sneaker-like than Crocs, but they are just as breathable and water proof. The look is inspired by classical casual silhouettes but made with extremely light and comfortable plastic material. Better yet your kids can wear them to school because they are close-toed and have backs. These plastic sneakers are the new "it" shoe here for kids and soon adults in Manhattan Beach for the Spring and Summer. Kids are wearing them everywhere. I broke down and got a pair for my son this week and he loves them, does not want to take them off!

Like the Crocs, they come in double sizes (yes my son is 2 and is almost out of the 8/9 size) and in an assortment of colors for boys and girls: navy, black, pink, yellow, white, blue, name it!

If you live in the South Bay ATEAM in Manhattan Beach has a huge selection of colors and sizes, and they are also available on-line if you don't live in the area or don't have time to come downtown. Another favorite pair of shoes of mine there are the new Gola for kids. These don't start until size 11 (probably 6 more months till we get there), but cool and hip all the same.

Attention Nursery Notations readers, use code member23 for 10% off your on-line purchase at ATEAM!

Or mention your heard about them from this post and visit their store:

ATEAM Shoe Shop
1112 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 20266

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Shopping with Sheridan French

Sheridan French joins us today to give us some children's fashion inspiration to start off your week on a happy note bringing thoughts of warm beach weather! We've had a rainy and windy weekend here in Los Angeles so I'm ready for some warm sunshine too!

I scoured website after website for THE perfect diaper bag for our new little addition (better later than never), I stumbled upon the most adorable children's clothing at Layla Grayce. Has anyone ever heard of Decaf Plush? Where have I been? The retro-inspired looks they offer are precious beyond words for babies and toddlers alike. Original illustrations are appliqued in felt to create charming pieces with an eclectic-modern flair. I can easily see these pieces becoming treasured hand-me-downs.

Whenever I need the perfect accessories to really kick an outfit up a notch I head over to J.Crew. They hit the nail on the head every time. Using Decaf Plush's pink cord dress as a base, bring out the rich tones with complimentary shades of warm orange and bright yellow. I have to tell you that I was thrilled beyond words to see that Decaf Plush has just as adorable boys clothes as they do girls. Their t-shirts and hoodies are fantastic and it was tough for me to select just one to feature. I went with the pirate ship and, since I have never met a skull and cross bone I didn't like, appropriately paired it with board shorts featuring the image as well as a bracelet. Also, if you haven't heard of the New Balance/J.Crew collaboration, get with the program and head over to J.Crew's site to purchase a pair for your hooligan. The iconic shoe gurus have created special colors only available through J.Crew, and the electric blue ones will make any outfit instantly join the ranks of old-school cool. Why deprive your child of that?!

Happy shopping!
xoxo Sheridan French
The Southern Eclectic


Thanks Sheridan! I personally think Decaf Plush's Pillows are adorable too!

Can't wait to see the Oscar dresses and winners tonight!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

WHAT? Is this legal?

This has nothing to do with children's design, but a friend of mine sent me this link today that she randomly saw while helping a friend search for wedding favors. Guess who that is in the photo? Yes that is me and my husband, 5 years ago on our wedding day. She looked at it a few times in disbelief and e-mailed us immediately to ask if we were selling photos to make some extra money! Ha!

First off, I have no idea how this photo got here since they are not on the web or on Facebook. The only thing I can think of is that this photo was used when we were featured in Town & Country in 2007 but seriously what are the odds of them using this photo? Strange right? Just because it was printed in a national magazine does that give them the right to use our photo in stock images of their products? I have no idea, any of you lawyers out there know? Anything weird like this happen to any of you?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Reader's Real Nursery

To continue with our "real nurseries" feature this is wonderfully colorful nursery which was sent to me by one of our avid readers Lan.

She is having a little girl in just a few short weeks!

What was the inspiration for your nursery?
My inspiration fo the nursery was your blog!! I was so lucky to come across it while searching for pics of "fun and modern nurseries" and I have been hooked since last October! I have literally poured over the different blog entries and found so much inspiration for the room from various nurseries that you featured. I love the links that you provide and the various tags for the categories. I cannot thank you enough for giving me so much inspiration!

What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
The first piece that I purchased was the floral rug from Land of Nod. I couldn't decide if it was really ugly or really cool...but I loved the colors in it and thought that it would be a great punch of color to the nursery. I found that so many nurseries had their first "wow" factor in the bedding, especially the crib bumper. But with so much back and forth whether or not to use a crib bumper I didn't want to risk losing my "wow" factor if I decided to take the crib bumper off after 4 months. When the rug was delivered to our house, it was love at first sight. The quality is great too. I'm so glad that I purchased it back in November (when I was only about 19 weeks along) because it is now sold out online!

What is your favorite aspect of the room?
My favorite aspect of the room is probably the stripes on the wall. I loved all the nurseries on your blog and thought it was such a fun and different way to accent the room. Plus I wanted to use some bold colors and didn't necessarily want to have all four walls in a crazy, bold color. I think the stripes just add enough fun to the walls. Plus, I did't have to paint the whole room (it was already that base ivory color), so it was a big plus. Frog tape and a laser level are my new best friends.

Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I love, love, love the nursery...but if I had to do it over again, I would probably choose a different color scheme - maybe a grey, yellow and turquoise and some purple. In the beginning I really wanted to stay away from the typical "pink" girl's nursery. But in the end I went ahead with pink because I just found that most of the fun, cute products for girls rooms were it was hard to stay away from that color scheme! I go a bit "bolder" with hot pink and paired it with orange to make it a little more fun and interesting. I also wanted to mix items from different stores and hot pink was always a go-to color that I knew would match with other items no matter what store it came from.

Please share your sources with our readers:

Crib & Dresser - Romania Kids Furniture, Karisma Set in two-tone colors
(Albero Puro - the lighter wood, and Bruno Antico - the darker wood)

Changing Table & Storage Accessories - Pottery Barn Kids

Leather Glider - Dutallier Crescendo Glider/Recliner with Footrest

Pink Pouf -

Bedding - Serena & Lily Sheets, Land of Nod Bumper and Skirt

Rug - Land of Nod

Curtains - Fabric by DwellStudio and sewn by my very talented mom :)

Senegalese Pink & Green Storage Basket - Serena & Lily

Wall Decal - ArtWallProject on Etsy

Wall Art - Oopsy Daisy Mod Wall Art

Apple Wall Clock - Jonathan Adler

Paint - Benjamin Moore, Pink = Strawberry Shortcake, Orange = Carrot Cake

Mobile -

Keep Calm Carry On Print - coutureprints on Etsy, (framed locally in Melrose, MA at Miter Biter)

Mirror - made locally in Melrose, MA at Miter Biter

Orange Table Lamp - Crate & Barrel

Floor Lamp - Target

Closet Shelves and Baskets - Home Depot (Martha Stewart)

Stuffed Animals - Land of Nod & Chulamama

Bird Pillow - Land of Nod

Pink & Green Giraffes - Local specialty store in Naples, FL (across from Tommy Bahama)

For more images and information on this nursery (but I think Lan gave us most of it), please visit Lan's Project Nursery Gallery.

Thank you so much for sharing your design concept and sources with us today Lan, your daughter will love her new room!

If any of you are interested in being featured in "Real Nurseries" please e-mail me at

Children's Drawing Mural by Blik

How amazing would a piece of decal artwork like this be in a playroom, craft room or children's room? This decal mural was designed for the Santa Monica Museum of Art by Blik Wall Graphics. Basically children's artwork professionally installed!

More posts tomorrow, have too much client work to do!

Cozy Island Nook

This cozy nook for two boys in Mykonos was featured on House of Turquoise this morning, originally from the blog Cape Cod Designs (a new Aussie favorite) photographed by Costas Picadas. For some reasons our houses in the United States don't have enough nooks, everything is to perfectly square. If you were building your dream house would you find a place for a nook? I definitely would!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Eclectic Spin on Serena & Lily Bedding

A fun eclectic spin on the Catalina bedding set from Serena & Lily (below) featured on Design Sponge today (photograph above by Louise Albrecht). I like the pairing with bold canary yellow and tomato orange.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Maclaren Bedding Collection

Photos just released last week....Maclaren Nursery Bedding Collection is now available in the US. In case you didn't know, Netto Collection furniture was acquired by Maclaren a little over a year ago and this is their first new offering for the line. The bedding (as was the furniture) is designed by the talented David Netto. Here is the Facebook link to the official photo album and on-line locations where it can be purchased. My personal favorites are the Coral Azalea pictured above and the Menagerie Blue below with the parade of animals.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Christina Applegate's Nursery in People

To be honest, I usually don't love the designs of most celebrity nurseries that end up being featured in tabloid magazines but I did like the look of Christina Applegate's nursery designed by Anabelle Adler Avery featured in People this week. To me it looks like the inspiration of the nursery came from Oilo's Modern Berries Motif crib set in Taupe. All of the case pieces including the crib, dresser and bookcase are from Oeuf. I like how she selected the walnut finish for contrast and the orange glider for the "pop" in the room. For a complete breakdown of what is in the room and how to copy the look, visit the post yesterday by fellow Cribsies nominee Buy Modern Baby, she did a wonderful job finding all the elements in the room in case her readers were interested in purchasing them.

No Jumping From Pier

This is a photo of my son and his cousin on the pier in Manhattan Beach. Think I have something to worry about in a few years?? Oh no, what a rascal!

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Cribsie Award Finalist

Exciting news! Nursery Notations has been nominated as one of the finalists for the 2011 Cribsies awards by A-List Mom & StrollerTraffic, sponsored by Please vote for us here until March 18th, as the blog with the Coolest Design Ideas for Nurseries. (We are under the WEB header in the COOLES DESIGN IDEAS FOR THE NURSERY.) I feel honored to be in the running with Ohdeedoh, Project Nursery, Bloesem Kids, Chic & Cheap Nursery, & But Modern Baby. That you all for your continued support and feedback!

Caravan Dresser from Kalon

The new Caravan Dresser is now available from Kalon. Contemporary colors, sustainable design and production, and simply stunning. $1, 395 white, $1,495 in colors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transitional Toddler Room Update

I posted the before and afters of this room a few months ago (here) with shots taken from my own camera. But I recently got back the professional shots and had to share them with you, especially since this is real room week and I needed some of my own designs represented!

I really love the way that this room turned out and how it serves as both a sleeping room and an additional playroom for the two kids. For a list of the sources and more details about the room, please visit my gallery at Project Nursery.

I'm in the midst of finishing up touches on my own son's transitional room, just waiting on some pillows that ordered before I share photos.

Elegant, Minimal & Adorable Animal Photographs

This is the reason I love blogs... I woke up, fixed my son and husband breakfast and started reading my morning blogroll. I was overjoyed to see this post from coochicoos featuring adorable baby animal photograph prints by Sharon Montrose. Could anything be any cuter yet simple at the same time? As you can see they can be used in an assortment of settings. I personally like the oversized prints but I always love oversize artwork.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired by Diane von Furstenburg

The new line of bedding from Diane von Furstenburg is now available at Bloomingdales.

This "Sun Striped" set in particular is a new favorite for a contemporary boys room. The brushstroke design is playful yet sophisticated in color. Instead of this upholstered red headboard wall, I'd pair it with a white bed, most likely the Ayres from Argington.

with a Fuji Toy Box a the end of the bed for extra seating

I do like the yellow walls but think navy would be equally good looking and would tone down the stripes a bit, or you can't go wrong with white when paired with such bright colors.

Artwork, how about these two prints from Unlimited Editions in the UK, framed in white un-matted frames

Or if you want some more juvenile prints for say a toddler, I know my son would love these dinos from Twelve Walls:

As you can see I'm trying to counteract the bold stripe with some circles.

Oh and the rug, definitely this Ikat beauty from Calypso:

My apologies, I was too busy today to make a proper inspiration board, this will have to do!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nursery Designed by Blogger Hamptontoes

Lisa, a residential interior designer from the blog Hamptontoes has shared her lovely classical boy nursery with us today. I have followed her blog for some time and once I saw photos of her son's nursery featured on the Nate Berkus Show I asked her to share a few details about the design with my readers. Take note of how the contrasted trim paint, pin stripe wallpaper, and patterned rug make this room extra special.

What was the inspiration for your room?
The inspiration for my son's room was the blackwatch plaid wool rug that is in his room. I wanted to create a room that was timeless, handsome, and stylish.

What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
My first purchase was the satin nickel jet lighting fixture (pictured above) is boyish, without being juvenile. My daughter has a gorgeous chandelier hanging in her bedroom and I wanted to give my son an equally fabulous fixture, but one that was fit for a little man.

What is your favorite aspect of the room?
My favorite aspect of the room is the custom framing of my husband's medical school rugby jersey. If any man is going to be a hero to our son, I hope that man would be his own father.

Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I gave a lot of thought to each element of his room before taking action on the design of it, so with that said I would not change a single element of his room. I love it and more importantly, so does he!

Please share any sources if you can for the items used in the room.
Wall covering: Ralph Lauren Ascot Stripe in Navy (to the trade)
Paint: Benjamin Moore Old Navy 2063-10
Biscayne Vintage "Looking" Chairs: Peddler Design
Lighting Fixture: ELK Lighting (my son's model is no longer sold but they have a fabulous motorcycle)
Nightlight Covers: Pottery Barn Kids
Blue & White Gingham Mats for Frames: Pottery Barn Kids
White Frames: Michaels
Window Treatments: Custom
Round Wood Table/Chairs: Buy Buy Baby

The built-in was in my son's room when we moved in. I utilized the desk as a diaper changing station with all the supplies tucked in the top right hand drawer.

Lisa recently spiced up the design of the room a bit by adding some extra trim to the ceiling and painting the ceiling between the new trim and the existing moulding. I love this touch and it makes the room that much more interesting and finished. A nice addition. (You can see the before photo above and the after photo below).